Indie games are unpredictable. Some overflow with creative storylines, unforgettable characters, or even a stimulating gameplay experience. However, there are numerous indie titles in the world that make you question the developer’s sanity, along with your own for playing it in the first place. Sometimes, you find yourself even enjoying them. With that stated, I take it upon myself to dig deep into the dark and quirky nooks and crannies of the video game community. This is The Odd and The Indiescribable.

This time around, I gussied up and went on a blind date with…myself? My self-conscious? A goose?

Blind Date is a pixelated narrative simulation game created by Solscape Studios that showcases the events of a blind date. Well, that’s what you’re meant to perceive anyway. You’re an anxious man dining at a beautiful restaurant awaiting your date’s arrival. As soon as Karen takes a seat at your table, everything begins to crumble – including the world around you.

I have to admit, I was a little worried that Blind Date’s setting would be too laid-back. You know, make small talk with your date, choose a dialogue option you think is charming, and hope she falls madly in love with you. End scene. Boy, I was way off. At first, your conversation with Karen is fairly casual. She asks about your job and admits she’s fairly nervous, but the dialogue takes a weird turn when she asks about your previous lover…and then mentions your mother’s name out of nowhere. Um, okay weirdo.


Wait, what are those glowing red eyes and WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM ME?!

Typically, you get three response options. After clicking through Blind Date a handful of times, it became evident how influential your reactions are on the date’s outcome. Giving the vibe that you’re an insensitive brute rather than a respectful suitor alters how the conversation plays out. However, you seize the realization early on that you’re basically on a date with the darkest most unpleasant cranny of your mind. Yikes.

Karen – your apparent alter-ego – begins spewing on about how pathetic you are with your miserable existence. You know, the usual derogatory comments made by someone you just met. You are, of course, a grown man and don’t have to take this abuse from Karen, I mean, yourself. Are you confused? I was, too. The beauty of Blind Date is its ability to hand you the key on managing this poor guy’s self-destructive tendencies. You can either A) ignore the fact that you have some mental demons to battle, or b) work things through with Karen and come to terms with your insecurities. It’s pretty dark for a supposed dating narrative.


I didn’t realize I’d be on a date with a bird, but such is life.

Blind Date not only teaches a man about self-love but generates up to eight different endings depending on your choices. When Karen turned into a goose after I attempted to run from my problems, the conversation naturally derailed quite a bit. However, that isn’t always the case. There are such things as happy endings, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a lot of fun to experiment taking the conversation down an array of winding roads. Possibilities seem endless, molding Blind Date into a uniquely enriching experience.

Overall, I give mad props to Solscape Studios for their engaging narrative. Though short in length, Blind Date presents a mixture of happy, somber, comical, and whimsical emotions, but hits the nail on the head each time. If you’re interested in going on a virtual blind date with Karen and have her relentlessly degrade you, head on over to Solscape Studios’ page. Blind Date is free to play, but it may leave a scar on your fragile heart.

Blind Date was played on PC with a copy downloaded from

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