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The illusive exploration game No Man’s Sky has officially been given a release date! You’ll be able to lift off into uncharted territory on the 21st of June. 

In a post on the official PlayStation blog, Hello Games CEO Sean Murray shares some new details on the game now that the press embargo has lifted. Murray confirms what many already guessed; No Man’s Sky will have a retail release in addition to the digital release, so if you like stacking boxes on your shelf you will have the option to do so.

No Man's Sky

A blog manager for Sony also wrote a lengthy blog post detailing some of the social features in No Man’s Sky. Even though the chance of meeting other players is incredibly small (below 1%, if an interview Murray did with Brad Shoemaker of Giant Bomb is any indication), you won’t completely be alone on your journey to the center of the galaxy. The game will feature npc’s who are in turn part of factions that you can trade with, do missions for, or fight against in your travels. These AI-controlled races are, true to form, also randomly generated by the game’s algorithms. The implementation of other races means that you’ll be coming across factions that don’t speak your language, and as such, communication is pretty hard to do.

No Man's Sky

This is why Hello Games have devised a language system that requires you to learn these alien languages to communicate with the npc’s you come across. Learning these languages happens as you explore the universe, find artifacts belonging to those races and by interacting with them regularly. Becoming proficient at a language means that you’ll be given preferential treatment by them, which in turn allows you to buy items or equipment from them at lower prices. If you somehow manage to get lost in translation, situations may result in violence or in you being ripped off by the alien playing you for a fool. Each species is different, and each species values different things that need to be taken into account when interacting with them. If you’re worried that you’re going to have trouble with remembering all the intricacies that come with learning a new language, you can rest easy; learning a language is as easy as finding direct translations, and Hello Games are fully expecting players to compile helpful guides on the internet as soon as the game releases. 

No Man’s Sky is available for preorder now via the PlayStation Store or via Steam for $59,99. With the release date etching forever closer, we’re sure to hear more details about the game in the coming weeks!

Are you looking forward to the game? Why are/aren’t you? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Kev Lew

    still don’t even know if it will have a map let alone allow group exploration for friends.

  • Chris Anderson

    We do know that. There is a galaxy map in the game that shows you were you are, and playing with friends is simply not an option.

  • BurntToShreds

    So No Man’s Sky, a multiplayer-focused game that uses procedural generation to create content selling at full retail price is fine, but a multiplayer-focused game that forgoes a traditional single-player campaign in favor of a meticulously-developed multiplayer mode selling at full retail price is considered a crime against humanity? Sure, that’s fair.

  • Chris Anderson

    It’s not a multiplayer-focussed game. The chance that you’re running into other players is extremely small (sub 1%) and there’s no ability to play with your friends or share coordinates. The game is, for all intents and purposes, singleplayer.

  • Dave


  • Chris Anderson


  • Alex White

    Its not a multiplayer focused game.

  • Dave

    i am quite excited

  • lucben999

    Wait, then why is it even online?

  • Chris Anderson

    Because it syncs the planets you find and name with a server.

  • lucben999

    That is the most pointless feature ever conceived.

    That way the game has all the disadvantages of an MMO (always online, latency, etc) but none of the advantages (can never play with other people because the Universe is too big to find anyone).

    Why? Just. Why?

  • BurntToShreds

    So then what the hell was this?

  • Chris Anderson

    Are you referring to the other ships? That’s most likely AI.

    They never outright said it was an MMO, or even that it has what we would call multiplayer and it’s definitely not marketed as such.

  • Chris Anderson

    I can tell!

  • coboney

    It can also help in theory add versimilutude as someone eventually crosses paths where you were and sees the names and changes you left behind. Think of it as less mmo – and more along like Shadows of Mordor with more of an online requirement.

  • Robert Grosso

    its a shared universe. like the game journey, basically, only on a macro level scale.Every planet and creature is basically shared by everyone.