Next Up Hero, the first game by developer Digital Continue, is now available on Steam Early Access.

In Next Up Hero, death is only the beginning. It’s a challenging game, so much so that you’re pretty much guaranteed to die repeatedly. In a lovely twist, the death of heroes can work to your advantage in a way – their “Echo” can be raised by the next player to come along and it will help them out in battle. Before you know it, you’ll have more ghosts at your side than Harry Potter a high school reunion. The sole living hero can combine several Echoes into an Ancient, a powerful being that can bulldoze through the constant onslaught of enemies you’ll be up against.Have a look at the game’s Early Access Launch Trailer to see the Echo mechanic in action:

Gamers who have fallen in battle can also opt to take control of an Echo and personally enter the fray to help the living hero. Though Echos aren’t quite as powerful as a living hero, every little bit of extra combat ability helps. Adding to the challenge is the game’s healing mechanic – only these heroic Echoes controlled by a player are able to heal the one currently living player in the game. As players progress through the game, they’ll unlock new cosmetic skins and stat upgrades to give the game’s nine distinct characters slightly more of a fighting chance. The developers are currently working on the Champion Trial, an even tougher level jam-packed with puzzles and devious bosses.

We got hands-on with the game at Play NYC 2017; you can check out our thoughts on Next Up Hero here. If this game sounds like your kind of jam, you can grab it right now on Steam Early Access for $16.99 or your regional equivalent, a 15% discount off the retail price of $19.99. You can also purchase it with Green Man Gaming at 15% off to redeem on Steam (affiliate link). It’s also in development for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

What do you think of Next Up Hero? Do you like the idea of a roguelite that uses death to your advantage? Let us know in the comments below!

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