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Remember how Monster Hunter Generations (the western version of Monster Hunter Cross) released over the Summer for North America and Europe? Well, fans might be interested in learning that the next title in Capcom’s blockbuster Monster Hunter series has been announced for a March 18th release in Japan. Monster Hunter Double Cross – or MHXX for short – is an enhanced re-release of 2015’s Monster Hunter Cross. As of now, Capcom hasn’t announced their plans for a potential western release.

If you’ve been following our coverage of the initial Japanese release of Monster Hunter Cross, as well as read our in-depth review of the western release Monster Hunter Generations, you’ve already got a good idea of what to expect from this next title. Instead of the theme of “4” that persisted through Monster Hunter Generations/Cross (with 4 “flagship monsters”, 4 towns, 4 different hunting styles, and what-have-you) Monster Hunter Double Cross comes with a theme of “6”. 2 new flagship monsters have been revealed with today’s trailer (embedded below), including a new form of the monster “Diablos”, as well as a new monster transliterated as “Balfalc” (Barufaruku directly from Japanese if you prefer) which emphasizes speed, with literal rocket-propelled wings.

In addition to new monsters, the game comes with 2 new Hunting Styles. The first, which was heavily showcased in the video, is the “Bravery Style”, which deals with building up a power bar by countering (among other things?) to be able to unleash stronger base combos from whatever weapon you have equipped. The other style, which seems to deal with item usage, will be detailed at a later date. Prowlers now seem to have the ability to choose their own styles as well.

To top everything off, MHXX will come with G-rank missions (the highest level of quest difficulty, reserved for the “enhanced” versions of Monster Hunter titles), new areas (such as the return of the 2nd Generation Desert area?), a new ruin-themed area, and the mountain peak where players are seen fighting Balfalc in the trailer. Some old monsters from previous games in the series seem primed to return, with monsters such as Barroth and Barioth displayed somewhat prominently within the trailer. While no more returning monsters have been confirmed, it seems like a safe bet to assume that these two aren’t alone considering the series history. If nothing else, every monster present in Monster Hunter Cross/Generations is sure to appear here.

With Monster Hunter Double Cross having been announced so close to the western release of Monster Hunter Generations, what are your thoughts regarding today’s announcement?

James Galizio

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  • Dicktective Douchebag

    Does anyone now for sure when a US release date is confirmed? I remember seeing something somewhere talking about mid July, but I don’t remember the source from whence I heard that, nor do I remember it being reliable in the first place. So if anyone can let me know or update me on it, I’d be eternally grateful.

  • James Galizio

    A western release date still hasn’t been confirmed. Heck, a western release in general is still up in the air.

  • Dicktective Douchebag

    All they have to do is raise enough funds to be able to afford to send it to the Western regions, right? I’m fairly certain that enough hype has been built up around it to ensure that it gets the funding, so we probably don’t need to worry about whether or not it’s going to happen, but instead when it’s going to happen. But I understand what you’re saying; there have indeed been times when we thought we’d get a game and it just never happened.

  • TJ Weber

    Monster Hunter Generations sold 4.1 million copies, the western release isn’t an issue trust me on that. What I want to know is when they will release another on a console so the community can expand to the size we all know it can be.