EA’s Gamescom press conference showed off an in-game demo of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, bringing with it exciting parkour, dizzying heights, flashy utopian decor, and corruption.

The footage exhibited multi-path levels laden with enemies. In one segment, Faith spotted two guards shaking down someone on a rooftop, but chose to avoid the fight rather than intervene. In another instance, we got a “see that mountain? You can climb it” moment where Faith’s eye in the sky told her to find where she was going by just spotting the company logo on the side of the building.

New enhancements to gameplay could seen in combat as well. In the opening moments we see Faith kicking ass before a cinematic 3rd person shot ala Skyrim ended the fight. Another interesting aspect that went unacknowledged were neon yellow orbs (presumably collectables) that serve some yet unknown purpose.

Later on we see a Splinter Cell style character attempting to steal something (maybe the same data Faith is after?) We don’t know if he is a friend or enemy, but before we can find out he is taken down by some body guards protecting Gabrielle Krueger, the apparent antagonist of the game.

Fans who were hoping for a smoother combat experience this time around may be disappointed to see that Faith (at least as far as the trailer shows) can’t go for a hit and run attack or smoothly take down a guard without coming to a near stop. Some criticized the first game for constantly making the player stop moving (combat, elevators, etc.) and we’ll have to wait and see if EA has plans to address this criticism in the second game. The demo had several jumps in time, so we won’t know until later if elevators make a return or not.

The trailer ends with the games release date: February 23, 2016.

What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited to once again dash across rooftops with Faith? Let us know in the comments below!

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