Halo 5’s Warzone Turbo Mode is playable until Wednesday, May 4th according to various official posts on Twitter.

Warzone is a 24-player gameplay mode. Players are divided into teams of 12 and must attempt to either reach 1,000 Victory Points or destroy the enemy’s core. Warzone maps are up to 4 times larger than previous multiplayer maps in the Halo series.

Warzone Turbo is a faster-paced version of the aforementioned gameplay mode that was initially released at the end of March 2016. An interview with Halo Lead Multiplayer Designer Lawrence Metten over at Halo Waypoint goes into details.

Players are immediately boosted to Level 9 once they’ve secured their Home Base. Standard Warzone requires players to build up Requisition to unlock weapons and equipment, but all equipment is available in Warzone Turbo from the outset. Players also benefit from “near-instantaneous” energy regeneration. These factors do away with the gradual build-up that teams have to go through in standard Warzone gameplay.

The Warzone Turbo game mode wasn’t initially intended for public release. Much like the classic cheat codes of yesteryear, the existence of Warzone Turbo came down to simple practical matters – developers needed to be able to test the core features of the Warzone gameplay mode without having to constantly build up their defenses and abilities. The faster-paced gameplay style was utilized in an afternoon studio playtest, and that playtesting session resulted in the decision to make the game mode available to all players for a limited time.

In addition to Warzone Turbo, the Halo devs will be extending the Super Fiesta availability for another week according to the game’s official Twitter.

Warzone (and subsequently Warzone Turbo) can only be accessed through Matchmaking and is not supported in Forge or Custom Games. Matchmaking uses a special MMR system and players are unable to form premade 12-man teams. The gameplay mode will receive an additional six maps (on top of the existing maps at its launch) by June 2016.

What do you think of Halo 5’s implementation of Warzone Turbo? Do you like the faster-paced gameplay or do you prefer to play the original Warzone? Let us know in the comments below!

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