Up until recently, very little was known about Stonemaier Games’ upcoming game Scythe other than the fact that it had absolutely incredible art.

TechRaptor was fortunate enough to sit down with Jamey Stegmaier at GenCon 2015 and spend some time not only talking about the art and factions of the game, but Jamey also spent the time to give us an overview of the game and give us a sneak peak into some of Scythe’s systems and mechanics. As noted in our previous article, the game was conceived when Jamey first noticed the art of Jakub Rozalski when it was featured on Kotaku and, even though the components shown in the video are all non-final prototypes, the game already looks amazing on the table.

While on first blush the game appears to be simply a 4x, there are quite a few interesting approaches that it takes to the genre. The game’s 5 factions are asymmetric, with every faction featuring different strengths and weaknesses as well as having a unique leader, each with an animal companion. The leader characters are represented by unique miniatures and these leaders can face thematic encounters as they move around the board.

Combat in the game also differs from most games in that units aren’t destroyed during combat. Instead players jockey for position and territory as the winning side forces the losing player’s units to retreat. Many of the systems in the game revolve around this push-pull balancing act meaning that nearly every decision is important and costs must be weighed against both success and failure.

Resource production in Scythe is also interesting in that all resources produced are kept directly on the board until spent. This means that as players accrue resources they also become a more and more tempting target for their enemies, which actively discourages players from playing overly defensively.

Without further ado please enjoy the following 2 part interview with Jamey as he runs us through an overview of the game and then dives into some specific details about how the game will play.

Keep in mind that the components shown are prototype and the game is still undergoing play-testing and refinement, so the final game may differ from what is shown.


Those interested in the game should keep an eye on Kickstarter, as Stonemaier games is planning on running a campaign for the game beginning on October 13th 2015.

Travis Williams

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