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I’m typically not a competitive person when it comes to games. Videoball makes me competitive. From the few games I got to play I was constantly trying my hardest, concentrating on every move I made. It seems to be one of those games that makes you not just want to win, but absolutely destroy your opponent. Videoball has a simple concept, two teams compete to hit a circle into the other teams area. As I said it is simple, but it is also completely insane.

The game is controlled with one stick and one button. You move with the stick and charge up a triangle that you fire at the circle with the button. The longer you hold the button, the bigger the triangle, the bigger the triangle the faster the circle will move when it hits it. You can also hold the button down even longer and a you can place a square which can be used in defence. It becomes a chaotic game of rapidly trying to redirect the momentum of the circle as mayhem erupts on the screen.   

The gameplay is fast and chaotic but still very skill based. There is a lot of skill involved in timing your shots to bounce the circle back and putting up squares to defend your area. 

Every time I walked past Videoball I had to stop myself from going over to get another game. In fact, I’m quite disappointed that I got this preview finished because now I don’t have an excuse to go back and play it tomorrow.

Videoball is being developed by Action Button Entertainment and is being published by Iron Galaxy Studios. It is set to come out early 2016 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One and will have online multiplayer.

To give you some idea of the gameplay, here is the E3 trailer for the game.

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    i think it needs a thing that will make it stand out more from other party-style games. this looks fun, but i don’t think this will make any big splashes, because its going to be another party game in a sea of them.

    i didn’t notice online multiplayer , VR, twitch chat integration, penis controller support or anything special that will make it get noticed more

    example, if you are at a irl party, doing multiplayer, only 6 people will be able to participate at most. this game could integrate some sort of small interaction with the people not paying at the time using there smartphones. they could, i dono, decide where the balls drop? or maybe put up obstacles? mess with the players by making them temporarily invisible? changing the colors to make people lose track of which dude they are? i bet there could be tons more ways.

    i hope they are successful, but my rational brain is telling me it likely wont be