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eBay is taking down any auctions for the PS4 that contain the Silent Hills playable teaser, or P.T.

The demo was released before the announced cancellation of Silent Hills. Since then, Konami pulled P.T from the Playstation Network, as well as making any account holders who have a copy of P.T to be unable to download the title, giving them a ‘licence expired’ message.

For a few days now, it has been reported that eBay has been the host of several PS4 systems up for grabs, some going for several hundred dollars. These require either PlayStation Network account information, or the system must be set as the primary for the PSN account so that the purchaser may play the game on any account on the system.

eBay has since taken down almost all listings of Playstation 4 systems with the P.T demo, as well as sending messages to users as to why their listings were removed. According to the email (as reported by Kotaku):

You may sell products on recordable devices (such as VHS tapes, audio tapes, CD-Rs, and DVD-Rs) if you are the copyright owner or are authorized by the owner to sell the product. This information must be clearly documented in your listing.

In order to ensure a safe and smooth transaction for buyers, we review listings for items that contain pre-installed media and software. We require gaming consoles to be restored to factory settings before they are allowed to be sold on eBay. Please remove all games and content from your device before you attempt to list your console again. Please be sure your current and future listings follow these guidelines, keeping in mind that additional listing violations could result in further actions on your account.

The policy cited in the email above is not exactly the same wording, however, in eBay’s own support document:

Most new video game consoles, that support online gameplay, will save your personal information used for logging into those networks. Before selling your video game console, it is highly recommended to go into the settings area, and reset the console back to factory default settings.

eBay has removed listings in a similar fashion before, removing auctions of iPhones due to containing a download of the game Flappy Bird. Those listings eventually migrated towards Craigslist for a time.

So is eBay doing the right thing by calling on their policy? Leave your comment’s below.

Robert Grosso

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  • Josh Bray

    This sounds very much like a “cover our asses from lawsuits from Konami” move on eBay’s part. Though I think this goes a bit far in the pre-preemptive protections zone. I know, I know. TECHNICALLY everyone’s license to access PT is gone, so no one can “by rights” play it.

    That is bullspit though. It shows that we need much needed updates, or at least exceptions, to current regulations (Like the EFFs comments on the DMCA) to preserve and archive things like this. Before, we just had to worry about media wear and rot from our older games. Now we have to worry about arbitrary rights issues literally starting erasing games from history.

    *gets off soapbox*

  • Z to the P


  • Typical

    How is this different than selling a DVD that’s been recaled that you bought before they pulled? Ebay is shit, I realized that when they charged me over $100 on a $600 sale in fees between them and shitty paypal.

  • FlamingoJet

    Seems like censorship and nothing else.

    Fuck Konami.

  • TeLin特林

    I hope someone else out there has copied the game files to their PC and is figuring out a way for us to play it in the future…

  • Jake Martinez

    This is one of the more reasonable negative responses to the whole debacle. People who are in the corner whinging about “muh censorship” need to go fuck right off – this isn’t an issue of censorship, it’s an issue of the fucking ridiculousness of EULA’s and in particular software license agreements.

  • Robert Grosso

    How is it censorship?

    From where I am standing this seems mostly like a legal issue above anything else. The game was pulled and Konami probably has an agreement with the parties involved to pull it from the public. Perhaps something to do with the circumstances with Kojima.

    We will never know in that regard. But this situation is far from censorship.