Despite someone forgetting to check their microphone settings during the PC Gamer Show, things proceeded along right into a gameplay trailer of Giant Cop: Justice Above All.  The VR title doesn’t really hide much from you, you are a really huge cop and you pick up potential offenders and toss them aside, or to other places, as you attempt to keep the city clean.

Giant Cop

This cop also has no real body either, but justice doesn’t need a body, does it?

The gameplay trailer shows a number of citizens iof Micro Beach, the town protected (or plagued, depending who you ask) by this really, really tall cop.  It seems a few are satisfied with the new sheriff in town, but it seems others are not too fond of the mass surveillance and the…extreme measures this giant cop will use to get rid of the perps. 

Giant Cop will release in late 2016.

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