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Everywhere you look in today’s world, people have it hard. Great game developers work long hours to try to make the next great game, and great critics challenge themselves and the next sets of works with unbiased yet critical attitudes. And sometimes, developers and critics face each other off in a clash of personalities, ranging from a critic’s critique of the game to a challenge issued against the developer. And well, it looks like Digital Homicide, creator of such games as The Slaughtering Grounds, have finally taken that challenge to the next level.

Needless to say, this could be an interesting case to say the least.

Needless to say, this could be an interesting case to say the least.

Popping up on the developers website, it looks like Digital Homicide owner James Oliver Romine Jr. has gone forward with a lawsuit against James Nicholas Stanton (aka Jim Sterling) within the Arizona District Court. The nature of the suit, as listed in the image above, is “Assault, Libel, and Slander”. On their personal page, James and his brother indicate that Jim has been falsely accusing Digital Homicide for things ranging from stealing artwork/assets, illegally using another companies name, to conducting illegal business activities. He’s indicated that his name has been dragged through the mud, citing that Mr. Sterling has not only been doing the “slandering”, but his over three hundred thousand subscribers as well, who have left threats such as being a fraud/scammer, that his wife is a whore, and that he needs to be “made an example of”.

He goes on to say that he’s tried to inform Mr. Sterling for the subscriber base to stop harassing him, but indicates that the income of his work has been decreased to 1/10th it’s normal value. Because of the nature of the case and the lawyer that’s attempted to be gotten, they’ve set up a paypal donation for funding the cost of the lawsuit in question.

Digital Homicide and Mr. Sterling have a history, starting with Mr. Sterling’s critical breakdown of The Slaughtering Grounds, where he ripped the game apart left and right. The company responded with their own video in kind, and it has lead to a back and forth over the last several years. There have been accusations in the past regarding Jim Sterling getting doxxed by the company and there is a back and forth video with them in an interview where it’s clear that there’s hostility between both sides. 

Mr. Sterling had a short response when asked over twitter by the “twittersphere”. He was also seen releasing his latest video in his Steam Greenlight series, which seemingly looked at several Digital Homicide games on Steam Greenlight. 

Quick Take

Look, regardless of what I feel about the situation, this is an interesting case to say the least. If it goes to trial, it could create some precedents regarding the protection of online criticism, whether or not a creator is subject to what his fans possibly do in his “name”, and other various concepts regarding YouTube. Granted, I don’t see Digital Homicide’s case in this one, consider the evidence put forward by Mr. Sterling over the years, and in particular, the fact that he can’t be in control of those who are “fans” of his work. With that said, I’m not a Judge. 

Shaun Joy

Staff Writer

YouTuber Dragnix who plays way too many games, and has a degree in Software Engineering. A Focus on disclosure on Youtubers, and gaming coverage in general.

  • I’m not a fan of Jim Sterling, but this are some straight-up laughable shenanigans from Digital Homicide and I legitimately hope Sterling counter-sues once their case is slapped down.

    Not that I would do so myself nor do I have any idea what he could so FOR, but it would be HILARIOUS to watch the entire shitshow in action.

  • webkilla

    while Sterling’s online persona is amusing for the most time – and Digital Homocide is truly living up to its name and looking to become an hero by doing this – then… all I can say is “top kek” because this is just fucking hilarious

    I mean, its only slander and libel when its not true. Sterling has sources and evidence to back up everything he’s said in the very same videos he’s said it in.

    This’ll be laughed out of court

  • Daniel Bollendorf

    If the case has legs then good I’m glad to see Sterling get called on it but I have a feeling it’s frivolous and hope Sterling goes after them.

  • Nicki Ashley

    A better title would be “Digital Homicide commits public suicide.”

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    I straight up don’t like Jim Sterling, that said this lawsuit is a sham and Jim has every right to criticize Digital Homicide’s pathetic excuses for games.

  • WhiteNut

    I guess after this fails Digital Homicide will need to change their name to Digital Suicide. Whats funny is Jim actually gave them praise when they actually put some effort in to that Dungeons of Kragmoor game they were making saying it actually looked like it had potential to grow and be a decent game..

  • Daryl Corey

    On the one hand Jim is a fat useless SJW waste of human life. On the other hand Digital Homicide are basicly cancer I hate rooting for fat boy but ughh

  • OPTLawyer

    As a lawyer; I have downloaded the complaint from the Federal Court. I’m three pages in and I’m already laughing rather hard…

    Just FYI; Digital Homicide is seeking over $10m in damages. Including: $2.2m in product damage, $4.3m in “emotional, reputational, and financial distress, and requesting $5m in punitive damages.

  • Can… can they both lose? I’d like them both to lose.

  • Dom The Elegy

    As much as I can’t stand Jim Sterling (which seems to be a theme), these “developers” have no case. I’d be shocked if this thing actually made it to any kind of court.

  • DynastyStar

    I would say it’d be more accurate, but it wouldn’t be better, because clickbait.

  • Aiat

    I love the people who start their post with “I don`t like Jim Sterling but”…!

    Anyway, they asked for donations, and they already been trolled and have taken down the donation link, not that anyone would actually donate to them.

  • Pandora Orosco

    Hey guys, I like the idea of a Quick Take section, don’t know when that first appeared but it’s nice to have an actual report first and then, below, an actual opinion without mixing the two. Good work!

  • SevTheBear

    Ain’t this like the 3 time they are doing this?

  • Nicki Ashley


  • DrearierSpider

    One of the only situations I could ever imagine myself siding with Sterling on.

  • SomeCollegeStudent

    As someone that does watch Jim Sterling, I’m curious to know what exactly do you dislike about his work? I know that he’s playing a personality that comes off as a complete egotist, his topics dip into social issues almost monthly, and … Wait did I just answer my own question?

  • Alex White

    I like Jim Sterling but.

  • TH3J4CK4L
  • Alex White

    So you wouldn’t side with him against Konami, or Microsofts current windows shop debacle, or his constant rants against Ubisoft, or possibly his hatred of Colional marines and his utter destruction of Randy Pitchford, or maybe his complaints against bad pc ports, or steams terrible customer service, or early access debacles or asset flipping…
    People get so fucking blinded by some pathetic SJW shite that they ignore 99% of his work which is completely unrelated and pro consumer.

  • Mitchell

    Yeah, I’m surprised at the number of “I don’t like Jim but” comments. I can understand reasons why someone might just not enjoy his content overall, but I’m still surprised. The unlikeable arrogance of his persona is just that–a persona, a gimmick–and I can see that turning some away, but I’m surprised at the number especially given that so many of his topics are well supported consumer advocation and spotlight industry misbehavior.

    I’m not looking to start a war over it. I’m just surprised. Personally, I love what he does and would lock most industry leaders in a room with nothing but his videos until they either learn a lesson or change careers.

  • Mitchell

    SJW: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    You’re entitled to your opinions, but I find your fat hate troublesome. I don’t see why his size should matter to you so much or why you think it is important enough to make a point of mentioning it in your comment. You hate fat people that much and/or his body mass is really so relevant to you in this situation???

  • Mitchell

    Or Youtube’s poor handling of “fair use.”
    Or greedy preorder culture.
    Or “Fee-to-pay” practices.
    Or Warner Bros basically being awful (as a video game publisher).
    Or the absurdity of 22 Cans and Peter Molyneux’s hypocrisy.

  • DrearierSpider

    Ya, poor choice of words. He’s mostly good when he goes after corporations, but that stuff is all pretty low hanging fruit to be honest. I was honestly just disgusted with some of his SJW videos (arguing for “gamer entitlement” using the example of Sarkeesian, still trying to claim “they aren’t taking away your games” when games are being pulled from shelves or not localized, etc.) He has his world view on those matters, and puts down the blinders immediately when reality doesn’t conform to his beliefs.

  • Mitchell

    I don’t get it. You want JS to “get called on it” but also hope he’ll retaliate?

    If you believe he has done something to “get called on,” why would you hope the “callers of it” would suffer retribution?

    If you believe he has reason to retaliate, wouldn’t that be because you believe their accusations are baseless thus believe he hasn’t done wrong?

    Do you just want to watch the world burn?

  • Mitchell

    See, I’ve always just figured his more opinionated pieces are made to be so blunt and committed for the sake of brevity and entertainment. I can see how that would come across as closed-minded, but I just assume he’s much more aware of the nuances of a situation than he shows in his videos. I find 6 min of his ranting to be pretty entertaining while 60 min of him breaking down a topic from all angles while also likely entertaining for me would probably be MUCH less popularly received than his current approach.

    I mean, I can know lots of things and understand lots of perspectives on various topics and elaborate on all sorts of different components, but I usually have one relatively simple opinion at the bottom line, and sharing that opinion along with some basic bullet points is likely to be more popular (and much easier for a weekly video series) than hitting people with a documentary.

  • Daniel Bollendorf

    Go back and read my post again, I think you missed the part where I said “but I have a feeling it’s frivolous”. It might make more sense when you read the whole thing.

  • To an extent you DID answer your own question, but (for me) it’s more due to his blatant hypocrisy whenever a situation comes up that involves people he personally knows/likes doing the shit he so vehemently calls others out on. He’s more than willing to look the other way when it suits him and gladly repeats bullshit and misinformation if the source is someone he’s on good terms with, then doubles-down whenever he gets called out on it.

    It has nothing to do with the persona he puts on, it’s his inability to actually hold himself – and his friends, to a lesser extent – to his OWN standards, let alone the basic standard I have for those who have opinions I actually listen to.

  • Daryl Corey

    Oh no I don’t hate fat people just him really and he claims himself to be an SJW openly so well. Either way he is a horrible human being and I hate him but I hope he wins this because the precident this would set is very scary if he lost.

  • Toastrider

    So… Digital Homicide must want to get their nuts stomped on in a court of law, as opposed to just on Youtube.

    This is a no good, very bad idea. Even people who dislike Sterling are going to cock an eyebrow and say ‘Aw HELL naw.’ If enough publicity gets generated (Streisand Effect ahoy!), Digital Homicide might draw down the wrath of one or more 1st-Amendment attorneys who take these cases for the lulz.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • Mitchell

    For example……?

  • Alex White

    Yes, he’s not perfect that’s for sure.

  • SomeCollegeStudent

    I’d like to know some specifics. Who exactly did he favor?

  • Marcus

    “just a gimmick”. A Gimmick can be hated to you dk now that?

    And it takes some skill to pull arrogance and assholery right.

  • yukovalis

    Well good news everyone. Steam removed all of DH games from steam.

  • Maddy

    You meant to say you like Jim Sterling’s butt? 😉