With Destiny‘s year two content in full swing, it’s time for another big update that adds new content and features to the sci-fi/fantasy shooter on consoles! This update adds a rather large amount of free stuff to the game, including new cosmetic options and a story mission!

First off, the maximum light level you can attain has been given a slight bump up, bringing the maximum light level you can get by acquiring new gear up to 335. This means better stats, better armor, and harder opposition in PvP. As a bonus, infusing gear now immediately upgrades the infused item to the light level of the consumed item. It’s now also possible to gain max light by playing any of the endgame activities.

Players will be able to return to the Prison of Elders, the wave-based strike where groups of three players have to fight off waves of random enemies and bosses. The updated version has you and your friends fight several waves of Taken enemies and 8 level 41 bosses. This updated map also hosts the Challenge of the Elders, which sends players back to the strike every week to face off new waves of bosses and mechanics and lets them compete for the top score on the leaderboard. A new cell in the Prison of Elders will also be opened as part of a new strike called “Winter’s Run,” where a powerful Taken presence is threatening to take over the prison. 

Bungie has also added a completely new questline to the game titled “The Blighted Chalice,” where you can hunt down and take on a new threat in the form of a Taken Prince. 

The King’s Fall raid and Court of Oryx patrol activity also got a boost in difficulty. With this risk, of course, also comes an increased reward. Players who finish this content will now get gear with light level 320 and 330, respectively. 

A completely new feature that allows Guardians to customize their look is Chroma Customization. This system allows you to change the look of select weapons and armor so you have a little more creative control over how your character looks. You will also be able to acquire gear themed after this expansion’s main antagonist: The Taken. Both Chroma and Taken gear can be found in Sterling Treasure, an item you can obtain by doing level 41 Prison of Elders challenge mode, or by completing a match in the Weekly Crucible Playlist. It is also possible to buy these via the microtransaction shop in the game. 

Other changes coming in today’s update are some year one exotic and legendary items will get buffed to make them viable for year two activities, new Eververse Trading Company items, new bounties, new events, new Trial of Osiris gear, and increased vault space. For more information you can go here.

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