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Blizzard Entertainment has been teasing a few new heroes coming to Heroes of the Storm over the past few days with a series of teasing tweets. Turns out that the community didn’t have to speculate long because Blizzard accidentally posted the official announcement video publicly on YouTube. The trailer has since been taken down by Blizzard, but not before some fans had already downloaded and reuploaded the announcement video to different services. You can check it out here

Heroes of the Storm Chromie

The first of the two new heroes is Chromie, a member of the Bronze dragonflight, who will probably look familiar to World of Warcraft veterans due to her being a bit of an ensemble darkhorse and who helps out players at several points during the leveling process. In Heroes of the Storm, she seems to be a ranged assassin that can summon dragons and slow enemies. The video also shows off her master skin and a special skin called ‘Fel Queen Chromie’, which changes her into something straight out of the Burning legion. 

Medivh Heroes of the Storm

The second new hero is Medivh, the last Guardian of Tirisfal, who warns Thrall at the start of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos of the impending Burning Legion invasion and who was responsible for opening the Dark Portal with the Orc warlock Gul’dan. Players in World of Warcraft also had to play a game of chess against him as part of the Karahzan dungeon. In Heroes of the Storm, he is able to turn into a raven to cross terrain others have to go around, spawn portals for his allies to use and can chain polymorph enemy heroes and put enemy heroes in stasis.

Among the other announcements is a new skin for Tyrande and a skin for Nova themed after Overwatch hero Widowmaker. Players will also be able to buy the new Elemental Wolf, Epic Elemental Wolf, and Hell Billie mounts when they come out.

What do you think of the new heroes coming to Heroes of the Storm? Which one do you look forward to the most? Sound off in the comment section below!

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  • WhiteNut

    Oh, big fucking surprise we’re getting more WoW characters. God isn’t like half the roster is filled with them. Its not even like we’re short of characters from the other games.

  • Scruffy, the Janitor

    Warcraft is their most fleshed out universe, so it makes sense there are far more fan favorites from Warcraft, than any other of their titles.

  • Mark Worcester

    Um, ACTUALLY, Chromie is a bronze dragon in the *guise* of a gnome? In fact, her full name is Chronormu. In fact, the suffix in her name is *traditionally* indicative of a male bronze dragon, which led to fan speculation that Chromie is a male dragon posing as a female gnome, though I think Blizzard refuted that. *pushes glasses up nose*

  • WhiteNut

    Yeah, I understand that but there is still no reason to have 50%+ of the roster being strictly WoW characters when they still have like half of Starcraft heroes they can use, and all of D2 and plenty of D3 bosses to make into characters. Hell we can even go with Overwatch characters, It’d be great to see Bastion, Reinhart, Symmetris, or Widowmaker be added and that’d go towards promoting the game as well.

  • Mitchell

    Heck, there are even a number of classic characters that they could do something with to finally give Lost Vikings some company.

  • Casey


  • WhiteNut

    Well, I’m none to familar with their classic games but seriously anyone at this point would be a welcome change from WoW characters. It seems like every other set of characters added is WoW.

  • Ricardo Lima

    I’m starting to get suspicious of leaks that hype the game.