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The open beta for Battleborn began April 8th for PlayStation 4 owners and April 13th on Xbox One and PC, and lasted up until April 18th. In those ten days over two million people tried the beta to experience two of the game’s multiplayer game modes and two of the game’s story missions.   

In this blog post from 2K games, the developers shared some other numbers relating to the open beta. The top damage dealers in the beta were Oscar Mike, Marquis, and Thorn, and the heroes who did the most overall healing were Miko, Ambra, and Rath, in that order. There were over 825 thousand Varelsi portals voided in the episode two story mission, and the boss from episode one, Geoff, “strived to be a spider” almost 1.7 million times. 2K Games also set up three challenges for players to strive for that were all met in just five days. Battleborn players completed over 1.1 million competitive multiplayer matches, 1.4 million story mode episodes, and collected over 27 billion shards. With numbers like these the original challenges set by 2K were blown out of the water, and as a reward, players will be receiving a SHiFT code when the game is released that can be redeemed for golden skins for the heroes ISIC, Benedict, and Shayne & Aurox.

Battleborn Gameplay

Battleborn is a MOBA-like FPS that will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 3rd of this year, and is being developed by Gearbox, the developers of the Borderlands series. Battleborn will launch with 25 playable heroes, but the developers have already promised that 7 more will be coming to the game after its launch. For a more detailed look at Battleborn’s plans for post-release content click here.

Did you get a chance to try out the Battleborn beta? If so, tell us what you thought of it in the comment section below.

Matthew Arrojas

Staff Writer

Just because I write about video games doesn't mean I'm very good at them. Unless it's Smash Bros. I'll wreck you in Smash Bros. I am also currently obsessed with Overwatch, so I'll wreck you in that too with Mercy.

  • webkilla

    2 mill? How very promising. The game looks fun

  • mikasa

    Between battleborn and overwatch , both are looking fun and in a major way very similar , maybe it will come to the user base , we’ll see .

    Also battleborn on PC is 33$ right now [Link Removed by Moderator, Rutledge Daugette, as TechRaptor doesn’t promote grey market sites] which is way cheaper than overwatch .

  • Matthew Arrojas

    Overwatch is actually only 40 dollars on PC, but 60 bucks on the PS4 and Xbox One

  • Azure

    Honestly too much is going on with Battleborn too many particle effects too many colours. I couldn’t play through my first match, just getting overloaded with too much stuff going on on the screen.

  • Dom The Elegy

    Kind of surprised Phoebe wasn’t in the top damage dealers and even more surprised that Oscar Mike sits on top. He didn’t strike me as a particularly DPS heavy character, I guess most people just picked him because he’s the every guy from any given FPS.
    Personally I gravitated towards Ambra and did reasonably well from what I could tell.

  • Dom The Elegy

    I totally get that. I turned the PhysX effects down which helped a little bit but it is way too easy to get completely lost in the assault of effects they throw at you. I hope they do something about that.

  • Scionyde

    Ambra was likely in the top 5 most powerful heroes, so that’s probably why. 😉

  • Scionyde

    You do get a bit more used to it after a while and are able to make sense of the madness, but yeah I agree – there at least needs to be an option to turn some of that stuff down.

  • Dom The Elegy

    I wouldn’t put her that high. If anything talking tier lists at this point is meaningless since we’re not even close to having all the data. Overall I think the game is pretty balanced, only character I had trouble finding any use for was Orendi (which was especially infuriating when I found out that Toby wasn’t available in the PC version which was the only reason I stuck with her in the first place).
    There were some characters that somewhat stood out like Phoebe and Galilea but I think the main reason them and Ambra did well was more because they had to be unlocked and thus people got less matches against them and less because they were objectively better.

  • Scionyde

    Perhaps. And it’s certainly a fair point that unlocked characters will come off as more powerful since players who unlock them will have gained playtime experience.

    Personally though, I felt Ambra had a surprising amount of damage output for what was supposed to be a support character. Not to mention that her primary attack didn’t really require much in the way of aiming. However, I only got like 1-2 matches with her before I ran out of time with the beta. Just basing my thoughts on what I saw from others during matches.

    Galilea and Phoebe though – yeah, those two certainly stood out as well (Especially Galilea IMO).

  • Dom The Elegy

    But she isn’t purely support. Honestly if she’s the only healer on the team, that does kinda suck for her because the suns heal pretty slow and the other ability she gets later on damages herself to heal others. If you want a healer you’re way better off with Miko.
    Additionally her DPS is lacking, especially at the beginning of matches. I mained and got to around rank 10 with her so I know her ins and outs pretty well. She becomes really good later in the match but at the start you have to pick off minions and do hit-and-fade attacks to build levels. I also feel like the items you pick are more important with her than with some other characters. I was lucky enough to get her legendary gear from a mission (which I /really/ hope will still be there when the game launches) so I was set in that regard.

    Also, once you get ranks with her is when she gets a bit broken. At one point she gains a mutation for level 7 that replaces her scorching strikes with a projectile that explodes on hit and does very respectable damage. I still don’t know how to feel about that. On the one hand it’s nice that they’re rewarding players for sticking with a character but on the other they shouldn’t lock objectively better abilities behind walls like that. It divides the playerbase and gives unfair advantage to players who might be shit but simply cheesed it with a character for a while.