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A game playing, college teaching, erudite-minded scholar who happens to write some articles every so often. Have worked as a journalist, critic, educator and blogger for over five years now, with articles published (as user editorials) on Game Revolution and Giant Bomb as well as a contributor for the websites Angry Bananas and Blistered Thumbs. Now making TechRaptor my home.

frog and magus official character art

Character Select: Mirrored Foil – Frog and Magus

Chrono Trigger is perhaps the end-all and be-all of RPGs. Created by the “dream team” of Hironobu Sakaguchi, Yuji Horii andAkira Toriyama, with collaborations from various greats like Masato Kato, Kazuhiko…

no mans sky next logo art multiplayer

No Man’s Sky Next Brings Multiplayer, More Next Week

No Man’s Sky is back again with a new update coming next week, titled No Man’s Sky Next. The update will finally bring a feature many fans have been hoping…

knights of the old republic star wars box art banner

Playing Roles: A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Retrospective

Star Wars has always been a marquee property in media. The popularity of the movies to the widespread love for the formerly-extended universe has not waned for over forty years.…

pillars of eternity ii deadfire beasts of winter dlc

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire DLC Coming August 2nd

Brand new DLC for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire will be released by Obsidian on August 2nd. Titled Beasts of Winter, the DLC will see the watcher and their crew…

EA Logo

Electronic Arts Acquires Industrial Toys

Electronic Arts has acquired a new game developer for their publishing brand, the mobile developer Industrial Toys. Announced yesterday by EA, the 14-man team will be joining EA’s Worldwide Studios…

guild wars 2 logo wallpaper

Guild Wars 2 Writers Fired by ArenaNet After Twitter Spat

Two writers for the popular MMO Guild Wars 2 were let go due to disparaging comments made against fans of the game on Twitter. On July 3rd, Jessica Price, a…

nintendo switch homebrew launcher

Nintendo Switch Now Running Emulated N64 and Gamecube Games

It was bound to happen sooner or later. The Nintendo Switch has been hacked through an exploit in the games hardware, and now homebrewers are beginning to upload emulation support…

nintendo labo arcade box nyko

Nyko to Release a Cardboard Arcade Cabinet for Nintendo Switch

Third-party peripheral manufacturer Nyko has announced plans to release a new item for the Nintendo Switch, titled the PixelQuest Arcade Kit. The kit will be an unassembled cardboard stand that can…

unravel two review header

Unravel Two Review – Shared Adventures

Indie developer Coldwood Studios is a known commodity in the gaming world. Their popular hit Unravel was a charming, if somewhat simple, experience, but one that was dazzling in its…

unravel 2 logo

Unravel Two

Unravel Two is the sequel to the popular indie hit Unravel, by developer Coldwood studios. Yarny returns for another beautiful, heartfelt adventure, and this time around players will be able…

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