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A game playing, college teaching, erudite-minded scholar who happens to write some articles every so often. Have worked as a journalist, critic, educator and blogger for over five years now, with articles published (as user editorials) on Game Revolution and Giant Bomb as well as a contributor for the websites Angry Bananas and Blistered Thumbs. Now making TechRaptor my home.

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Ultimate DAO Fixpack is One of Modder’s Efforts to Restore Cut Content

BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins is nearly ten years old now, but the game still gets much love from the fan community. This is especially the case with the modding scene…

hbomberguy donkey kong stream

[Update] Streamer Hbomberguy Raises Over $230,000 for Trans Charity

[Update]: Hbomberguy finished the stream after achieving 101% in the game. In total, he played 57 hours of Donkey Kong 64, and would raise over $340,000 in charity. After Democratic…

city of brass review gameplay

City of Brass Coming to the Switch in February

First person rogue-lite City of Brass is getting a re-release, this time on the Nintendo Switch. City of Brass is a rogue-lite styled first-person game where players must traverse a…


Fortnite Vulnerability Was Letting Hackers Take Over Accounts

The popularity of Fortnite has spawned a massive community and revenue stream for developer Epic Games, but it is not without its share of problems. TechCrunch’s Zack Whittaker today published…

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[Updated] Open-World Star Wars Game Cancelled By EA

[Update] Last night, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier clarified some of his article to give a reason why the Star Wars game was cancelled. According to Schreier, the game, code-named Orca,  was…

red dead redemption 2 techraptor

Take-Two in Legal Brawl With the Pinkertons Over Red Dead Redemption 2

Take-Two Interactive has found themselves in another strange legal battle, this time with the real-life Pinkerton Agency over their role in Red Dead Redemption 2. Pinkerton Consulting & Investigation sent…

fortnite v bucks

Money Laundering Scheme Uncovered Using Fortnite V-Bucks

A new money laundering scheme has been uncovered within the gaming industry. This time though, it doesn’t involve a specific investor or corporation, but rather the abuse of the in-game…

activision cfo dennis durkin

Activision Woes Compounded Through Investigations and New CFO

The woes for Activision Blizzard continue this week, after an eventual few days that have seen some shakeups at the massive publisher. Last week, it was announced that Activision will…


[Update] Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford Accused of Embezzlement; Gearbox Calls Accusations ‘Absurd’

[Update] Randy Pitchford has apparently spoken about the alleged missing USB drive previously. Website Ars Technica published an article on the lawsuits, but was able to uncover Pitchford’s appearance on, The…

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Coverage Club: Reliving History Through Attentat 1942

It is rare that a video game also serves as a historical teaching tool, rarer still will folks be keen on accepting it. Games often gain an insular reputation as…

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