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Max Moeller

Content Writer

I've been a gamer for as long as I could hold a controller. When not playing or creating gaming content I'm always out looking for a new spot to eat.

desolate thumbnail

Desolate Early Access Impressions – Survival Horror With A Point

Desolate is an Early Access survival horror game that poses all sorts of questions. Why are horrific monsters all over the island? What turned the residents turned into angry madmen?…

monster hunter world thumbnail

Monster Hunter: World Review – A Hunt Worth Going On

This generation, entries in long-standing franchises like Final Fantasy and DOOM wants to appeal to seasoned players while opening themselves up to newer ones. This isn’t explicitly stated every time Monster Hunter: World is…

treasure adventure world review

Treasure Adventure World Review – A Surprise Platforming Treat

If I wasn’t covering Treasure Adventure World for review, I would have stopped playing before my first hour was up. The controls did not agree with me, and the story…

wax robot cache

Brian Fargo’s Robot Cache Teams Up With WAX Token

Brian Fargo is launching a decentralized digital distribution platform to compete with Steam. The platform is called Robot Cache, who announced via press release that they are teaming up with…

tartarus review header

Tartarus Review – In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Code

Steam is full of independent puzzle games. Some, like The Turing Test, are genuinely great brain-teasers, pulling from classics like Portal and The Talos Principle. Others, like Syberia or The…

robot cache logo

Brian Fargo Is Revolutionizing Digital Distribution With Robot Cache

The future of gaming digital distribution is here! At least that’s what new service Robot Cache would have you believe. Founded by Brian Fargo (responsible for Interplay, inXile, and Fig),…

Nioh Review Thumbnail

Nioh: Complete Edition Review – A Journey For The Ages

The term “Souls-like” is thrown around a lot these days. Any game with a focus on difficulty is described this way, rendering the comparison to the Dark Souls franchise almost…

nioh complete edition

Nioh PC Port Getting Mouse Support After All

Despite it being a PC port, Nioh: Complete Edition recently launched on the Steam with absolutely no mouse support. While most gamers prefer to play these games with a controller, the…

Xbox One X

Xbox One X Underperforms In Japan

Japan has never been a big fan of the Xbox branding. The Xbox One X did little to change that. According to Famitsu, the One X only sold 1,639 units…

Minecraft Minecon

Mojang Is Letting YOU Pick The Next Minecraft Mob

Years later, the phenomenon known as Minecraft is still getting new content updates. On November 18th, this Saturday, Minecon Earth is taking place. During the show, Mojang has announced that…