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I've been a gamer for as long as I could hold a controller. When not playing or creating gaming content I'm always out looking for a new spot to eat.

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Mugsters Is an Action-Packed Abstract Puzzler

I intentionally went into Mugsters with no knowledge of the plot. While I played a snippet of the game at E3, my attention was drawn by both the minimalist, colorful…

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The Universim is Bringing Back The God Game

Even in the busiest of seasons, smaller games deserve some attention. In that spirit, welcome to Month of Coverage Club. Come back each day in November for a full-length impressions piece…

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Agony Devs Reveal New Survival Horror Game, Paranoid

After all of the horror surrounding Agony and its UNRATED Edition, developer Madmind Studio is jumping back into the fray with its new survival-horror title, Paranoid. Though details are limited,…

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Damsel is a challenging 2D platformer with a focus on flow state. Once everything clicks, the game is a treat to move through. To use the Steam page’s description, “Damsel is a…

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Damsel Review – Master The Flowstate

When I previewed Damsel earlier this year, I praised the game for its ability to balance the essential platforming pillars: smooth movement, challenging level design, and fluid combat. However, the real…

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Agony UNRATED Is Real, Standard Version Coming To Switch This Year

The teasing is finally over. Agony UNRATED is real and is coming out on October 31st, Halloween. Yesterday, the Agony Kickstarter page went live with the news and all sorts…

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Agony Lookalike Unholy Gets Release Window Of Late 2019

Agony continues to agonize, only this time in the form of another title… sort of. Unholy, the first game from new developer Duality Games, is a first-person horror adventure that…


Thought To Be Canceled, Agony UNRATED Appears On Steam

We thought it was over. It isn’t as Agony continues. Despite reviewing poorly on top of the studio’s financial struggle, an unrated version of Madmind Studio’s delve into Hell, Agony, is…

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Harry Potter RPG Leaks, Showcasing Character Creator and Combat Elements

I’ve long wondered why there isn’t a Harry Potter RPG enabling you to create your own character and experience Hogwarts. The idea is something myself and even my non-gaming Potter-head…

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Ubisoft, Fig, Others Form Blockchain Game Alliance For “Democratisation of Blockchain Within The Gaming Industry”

At the Blockchain Game Summit yesterday, a variety of blockchain-based and gaming companies announced the Blockchain Game Alliance. This coalition is “committed to advocating for the democratization of blockchain within…

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