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monster hunter world iceborne screenshot showing a giant saber-toothed creature with pale blue skin in an icey environment

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the first and likely only expansion for World that we’ll get, so Capcom made sure it’s full of new creatures to fight. There are tons of them, so much so that it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve made Monster Hunter World: Iceborne tips guide to briefly describe each monster, alongside a tip or two so you can enter fights a little more prepared.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Tips

Acidic Glavenus

The first monster on this list is actually a subspecies. The Acidic Glavenus is the acidic version of the traditional fiery Glavenus. And, unlike the Fire attacks made by the base species, the Acidic Glavenus’ tail inflicts Defense Down if you’re hit.

You’re going to want to focus on its tail here, as that’s the main weapon for this monster. Sever it and you’ll have a much better time fighting this beast. Fortunately, you can do so efficiently by using a Fire weapon, though Dragon and Thunder are good backups, at least, until the creature crystallizes its tail, meaning it will attack harder and faster. At that point, Dragon becomes just as powerful as Fire.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Acidic Glavenus

Otherwise, Physical armor is the best defense against the Acidic Glavenus, and each ailment does the same amount of damage to it as well.

Best ailments to inflict: All do the same damage
Best weapons to use: Fire or Dragon when crystallized
Armor to wear: Physical-resistant armor


The Banbaro is one of the earlier monsters you’ll come across in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion. Sporting large, intimidating antlers, short arms, and a long tail, it has the stout body of a T-rex with the head and horns of a ram. 

A volatile creature, you’ll have to dodge tail swipes, head smashes, and the thing charging straight at you. That, and it’s big enough to knock down and throw trees or boulders at you. Fun!

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Banbaro

As you can probably imagine, the Banbaro dishes out ice damage and can inflict the Iceblight status effect like many of the monsters in the expansion. Make sure to keep some heat drinks and nulling items, like the Nulberry, on your person at all times, as you’ll first run into the Banbaro in Hoarfrost Reach. 

It’s best to sever the tail as fast you can, and from there try to break its horns and legs. Then you can go as hard as possible on its weakest point: the head. Also, the Banbaro is weakest against Blast and Stun ailments, while Dragon and Fire weapons should be your go-to elements. And pack your best ice-resistant armor before getting involved.

Best ailments to inflict: Stun, Blast
Best weapons to use: Dragon, Fire
Armor to wear: Ice-resistant


The Barioth is one of the monsters I had the most trouble with. It’s fast, powerful, and one of the most annoying creatures in this Monster Hunter World expansion (in a good way).

When fighting this thing, break its tail first. Seriously. Otherwise, you’ll be subject to wild sweeping attacks that cause Iceblight over and over again.

From there, take the time to break its legs and face as that will slow it down quite a bit. But, be wary of its enraged mode, where it moves twice as fast and it’s nigh impossible to land any hits. At that point, I’d recommend throwing down a trap or simply waiting its attacks out until it calms down a bit. You’ll know the creature is enraged if its eyes are an orangish color instead of their typical ice blue. Oh, and sometimes the Barioth will fly around and shoot balls of ice at you, which also causes Iceblight. Just like with the Banbaro, bring a ton of nulling items to get rid of this ailment right away. 

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Barioth

You’ll want to use Fire and Thunder weapons to beat down the Barioth, though every ailment is equally as effective against this beast. Just like with the Banbaro, ice-resistant armor is best.

Best ailments to inflict: All are equal
Best weapons to use: Fire, Thunder
Armor to wear: Ice-resistant


The first creature you’ll come across in the Iceborne expansion, the Beotodus is quite unlike many of the other monsters you’ve fought before in Monster Hunter World. This is because it buries itself in the snow, sliding around and shooting out at the worst possible times to cause huge damage.

I received Iceblight a gross amount of times while fighting this thing, so once again, nulling items! The best way to beat this thing is to knock the snow off of its top and use blasting attacks to get it out of the ground. From there, make sure to break its legs to slow it down.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Beotodus

Much like with the Banbaro, you’ll want to use Blast ailments against the Beotodus. In between these, you’ll want to wail on it with a Fire-based weapon as often as you can. Also, take advantage of the Clutch Claw to latch onto the monster and do some extra damage when you can. Doing so will make the Beotodus much easier.

Best ailments to inflict: Blast 
Best weapons to use: Fire
Armor to wear: Ice-resistant, Dragon-resistant


The Brachydios is a ridiculous monster that you’ll recognize from previous Monster Hunter games, and holy hell is it fun to fight. It’s a big, slimy Brute Wyvern who uses that slime as an explosive weapon. Namely, if you get it on you, you’ll explode and get sent flying. Don’t let that happen. If you do get all slimy, roll around until it goes away.

In its normal state, the Brachydios leaves gooey puddles on the ground you have to avoid, lest you want to get blown up in the long run. However, when it’s enraged, these puddles explode almost instantly. Be wary.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Brachydios

Note that this monster, unlike the previous few, is actually weak to Ice attacks, and Water ones as well. In fact, it’s strong against the Fire weapons I recommended beforehand, so make sure you switch up your set before heading in.

As for ailments, the Brachydios is equally weak against all of them aside from Blast, which you shouldn’t use if you can help it. However, there’s no overpowering ailment that will take this thing down, so make sure your weapons are the right element so you can make up for that. Finally, the Brachydios doesn’t have any elemental attacks, so physical defense is the way to go.

Best ailments to inflict: Any except for Blast
Best weapons to use: Ice, Water
Armor to wear: Strongest physical armor set

Coral Pukei-Pukei

The Coral Pukei-Pukei is, obviously, a sub-species of the monster included in the base game. Instead of poison, like the base monster, the coral variant revolves around water. Attacks are similar, like water shooting out of its tail or mouth instead of poison, as is its movement.

However, the Coral variation has much brighter colors, though once enraged they tint red. Also, the creature can inflict Waterblight if you’re hit enough by its spray. Again, dodge roll around as often as you can if afflicted.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Coral Pukei-Pukei

Somewhat ironically, the Coral Pukei-Pukei suffers most from the poison ailment, though the others are reasonably effective as well. The elements are a different story, though, with Ice being the most effective weapon type to use. Thunder is a good one as well, though you’re going to want to avoid the rest. 

Best ailments to inflict: Poison, though the others are reasonably effective
Best weapons to use: Ice, Thunder
Armor to wear: Water-resistant armor

Ebony Odogaron

Another subspecies, the Ebony Odogaron is a terrifying creature that actually has a few weaknesses to boot. It’s not entirely resistant to dragon attacks, like the traditional Odogaron in Monster Hunter World, though you’ll want to use Water if you have it, or one of the other elements instead, using only Dragon if that’s all you’ve got.

However, it’s the first on this list to induce bleed damage, an annoying little nerf that lowers your health while moving, dodging, or attacking. On top of this, the Ebony Odogaron hits with Dragon damage and can curse you with Dragonblight on top of bleeding. To mitigate this, try to inflict Poison or Paralysis ailments to the Ebony Odogaron, though the other weaknesses are useful as well.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Ebony Ododragon

Otherwise, make sure you’re ready to dodge quickly and often, as this creature is quick and violent. It has a severable tail, though its face is especially weak. Just make sure you don’t get bitten.

Best ailments to inflict: Poison or Paralysis, though the rest are decently effective
Best weapons to use: Water, other elements aside from Dragon
Armor to wear: Dragon-resistant armor

Fulgur Anjanath

And the third subspecies in a row, the Fulgur Anjanath is a brighter version of its base kind, though it’s just as standoffish and, quite frankly, terrifying. Interestingly, this creature is weak to Ice and Water weapons and becomes even weaker once it’s enraged. However, as a thunder variant to the Anjanath, it’s also quite resistant to that ailment as well.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Fulgur Anjanath

When fighting the Fulgur Anjanath, you’ll go pretty far by sitting under its stomach and just wailing away. It’s a lot slower than most of the monsters on this list, taking its time to attack and providing a ton of time to smack it as it recovers. This shouldn’t be too tough of a battle. Just make sure you’re wearing Thunder-resistant armor. Oh, and make sure you bring nulling items to protect against its Thunderblight as well.

Best ailments to inflict: Any of them aside from Blast, if you can help it
Best weapons to use: Water, Ice, especially when charged
Armor to wear: Thunder-resistant armor


One of the toughest monsters I’ve fought, the Glavenus is a giant Brute Wyvern with a fiery tail and just enough speed to make it really annoying. It winds up its tail into a spinning fire attack quite often, so do whatever you can to stay away from that thing.

The first thing you want to do is sever the Glavenus’ tail, making it much more bearable to fight. That, and you’ll want Fire-resistant armor to defend against its attacks and the Fireblight nerf. As you can imagine, Water-type weapons are your best bet when fighting this thing, though Ice and Dragon come in at close seconds. 

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Glavenus

From there, all ailments are equally effective against the Glavenus, so no need to be picky here. 

Best ailments to inflict: Any of them work
Best weapons to use: Water if you have it, otherwise Ice or Dragon
Armor to wear: Fire-resistant armor


Namielle is an Elder Dragon. So, it’s difficult as hell.

This creature is a blend of Water and Thunder, meaning that it inflicts both Waterblight and Thunderblight. Yay! You’ll want to bring a Fire-based weapon with you to take it down, though Dragon is okay against it as well. From there, make sure to inflict Poison or Blast ailments on it, as everything else is weaker. You’re going to want to do maximum damage here and make the fight as short as possible.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Namielle

When battling the Namielle, make note of the fact that it loves to jump around the map and shoot balls and beams of water at you. These will knock you down, opening yourself up for even further damage. I’d recommend staying under it as often as possible, doing damage to its legs and avoiding any sweeps from its head or its (severable) tail.

Best ailments to inflict: Poison or Blast
Best weapons to use: Fire-based
Armor to wear: Water/Thunder-resistant armor  


The Nargacuga is a bat-faced, pitch-black creature that darts around the map, knocking you down with its wide tail whips. Somewhat ironically, despite it having wings, it doesn’t fly around that often, instead preferring quick leaps and tackles that knock you down.

Fortunately, you can use a Thunder-based weapon to do as much damage as possible or a Fire one as a decent back-up. Just make sure to stay away from Water damage, as the Nargacuga is immune to it. It’s also the next monster on this list to inflict bleeding, so avoid its swipes as often as you can.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Nargacuga

Interestingly, because this creature doesn’t have any elemental attacks, armor that protects you from physical damage is your best bet. From there, all ailments are equally effective, so use whichever you’d prefer. Do your best to stay under the Nargacuga, sever its tail if possible, and you’ll be fine.

Best ailments to inflict: Any of them work
Best weapons to use: Water
Armor to wear: Physical-protection armor

Nightshade Paolumu

As a subspecies, the Nightshade Paolumu differs from its base species in that it’s not only much more aggressive, but it inflicts the sleep ailment as often as possible. That, and it’s constantly flying up and swinging its tail at you, so keep your distance from this creature, running in only to get a few quick hits before it jumps up again.

While you’re distant, you’ll also avoid the frequent sleep gas that it both emits and shoots at you. This way, you can easily dodge out of its path and keep yourself awake.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Nightshade Paolumu

You’ll want a Water-based weapon to take this thing down, though Fire works as well, just a little worse. From there, all ailments except for Sleep are effective against the  Nightshade Paolumu, so make a point to avoid that one.

Best ailments to inflict: Any except for Sleep
Best weapons to use: Water damage
Armor to wear: Physical-protection armor 


Arguably the ugliest monster on this list, the Rajang released in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne as free DLC in October 2019. However, it isn't a series first, and franchise fans will recognize it from previous games. 

The Rajang's favorite thing to do is storm around the map in lines, swinging its fists and dealing massive damage to anything in its way via a punch to the face. Oh, and it can throw massive lightning balls as well, and at times will jump across the map to smash on top of you. Great fun!


You'll want to use an Ice weapon against this beast. Like, make a point to go and get one, because the only other type that's even slightly effective is Water, and it's hardly useful at that. The other types are entirely nulled.

Make sure to bring some nullberries, too, as the Rajang inflicts its own blight variation: Thunderblight. That said, when it comes to ailments, take advantage of the Blast ailment if you get the chance. The other ones, while weaker than Blast, are all equally as effective as one another and serve as a decent backup.

Best ailments to inflict: Blast is the most effective
Best weapons to use: Ice damage
Armor to wear: Thunder-protection armor 

Savage Deviljho

The Savage equivalent to the Deviljho loves to slam its tail back and forth on the ground before jumping to crush you at a distance. In fact, fights with this creature involve constantly chasing it back and forth around the map, dealing damage as you can.

This creature’s name has Savage in it for a reason. It inflicts Iceblight, Fireblight, or Waterblight depending on where you’re fighting it, on top of Dragonblight and Defense Down otherwise. However, this is balanced by its weaknesses, which are Thunder and Dragon for maximum damage, or Fire and Water for a little less damage. Just make sure not to use Ice against it. 

Savage Deviljho

Otherwise, Poison, Sleep, and Paralysis are all very effective against this creature, while Blast and Stun will still do decent damage. Be prepared to dodge often and deal as much damage as you can in short bursts when fighting the Savage Deviljho.

Best ailments to inflict: Poison, Sleep, Paralysis
Best weapons to use: Thunder or Dragon
Armor to wear: Dragon-protection armor 

Seething Bazelgeuse

Yet another subspecies is the Seething Bazelgeuse—a variant that drops a variety of blast scales almost all of the time. This means you must be constantly moving or mounting this beast, doing whatever you can to sprinkle in some damage.

Otherwise, make sure to have items like a Nullberry on hand to prevent against Fireblight, and wear some Fire-resistant armor for maximum defense against its attacks. Otherwise, this creature is weak to Ice especially, though Thunder works as an alternative as well.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Seething Bezelgeuse

Sleep is the most effective ailment against this monster, but all except for Blast work as a back-up if you don’t have access to the first. Just try to avoid those scales and do as much ranged damage as you can.

Best ailments to inflict: Sleep is best, the others aside from Blast are good backups
Best weapons to use: Ice first, Thunder second
Armor to wear: Fire-protection armor 

Shrieking Legiana

This variant is vicious in every sense. Not only is it full of icy, intimidating spikes on its body, but it’s fast and violent, causing Iceblight often if you’re not prepared against it. This beast loves to whip into the air and fling its tail at you, or spin-charge in your direction, knocking you down and leaving a trail of ice in its wake. 

Fire weapons are essential against this beast, though Thunder works as an okay alternative. Make sure you’re wearing Ice-resistant armor as well because you’re going to take a ton of damage.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Shrieking Legiana

Poison ailments are your best bet against the Shrieking Legiana, though the others all do reasonable damage as well. Also, during my fight with this beast, the Shrieking Legiana kept meeting up with the original one so they could double-team me. To be frank, it absolutely sucked, and trying to avoid both of them was tough work. Play with others if at all possible.

Best ailments to inflict: Poison, though the rest are good backups
Best weapons to use: Fire
Armor to wear: Ice-protection armor 


The Tigrex is a big, brutish dragon that loves to throw its weight around and likes to make sure you’re in the way of that. This beast consists of solid, heavy attacks that either see it charging straight at you or whipping one of its many body parts around. Sticking underneath it and wailing damage is your best method here.

Depending on if it’s on water or ice, the Tigrex will inflict the relevant blight, so make sure you have some Nulberries or something else with you to prevent this. Otherwise, fight back with Thunder weapons if you have them, or Dragon as a backup.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Tigrex

Unfortunately, there aren’t any specific ailments that do more damage than the other here. But, this is made up for considering the Tigrex doesn’t have any elemental attacks, either. Just make sure you have Physical resistant armor and you’ll be good.

Best ailments to inflict: All are equally effective
Best weapons to use: Thunder or Dragon
Armor to wear: Physical-protection armor 


The Velkhana is Iceborne’s main creature when it comes to the story, and it certainly lives up to that status. This monster is hard to get a hit on as it’s constantly wailing at you with its icy tail. I’ve found that it’s best to stun the Velkhana and fight it in a group to provide a breather from its constant attacks.

This monster is especially weak to Fire weapons, though Thunder and Dragon are great damage-dealers as well. Make sure you bring some ice-resistant armor, though, as you’ll be dealing with Iceblight and its related damage quite often.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Velkhana

Otherwise, Blast is the best way to take this thing down, with Poison being the second-place ailment. Sever its tail if you can, but there are no shortcuts around this beast. It’s a tough one, so be prepared for a fight.

Best ailments to inflict: Blast or Poison
Best weapons to use: Fire
Armor to wear: Ice-protection armor 

Viper Tobi-Kadachi

The last subspecies on this list, the Viper Tobi-Kadachi has a focus on Poison, though it brings some Paralysis attacks as well. Fortunately, it does physical damage otherwise, so you’ll want an armor set to prevent that. The clutch claw is a good weapon to use here, considering you can latch onto the beast and avoid its super-fast attacks.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Viper Tobi-Kadachi

Bring your best Thunder weapon if you’ve got it, otherwise, Ice should do just fine. Sleep, Blast, and Stun are good ailments to inflict as well, but ignore the rest if you can help it. Mash on this thing’s face and knock it down as often as possible to deal maximum damage. The Viper Tobi-Kadachi is a fast one, but it isn’t anything ridiculous to fight.

Best ailments to inflict: Poison or Paralysis
Best weapons to use: Thunder
Armor to wear: Physical-protection armor 

Yian Garuga

The Yian Garuga is a striking creature, with its face looking like something out of the animated Ice Age movies. Also, it shoots giant fireballs, which is just terrifying. Otherwise, the creature is consistently flying around, doing loops and swarming back down to smash into you. As usual, make sure you're keeping your distance to dodge out of the way of these attacks.

When going up against this beast, you'll want to use a Water weapon for maximum damage, or a Dragon one as an alternative. Ice is a weak option, but better than nothing. Just make sure you're not using Fire or Thunder, as those effects are completely nulled. As for ailments, make sure to take advantage of Blast to really deal damage to the Yian Garuga, and its tail is severable too, if you're into that fighting style.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Yian Garuga

This monster also inflicts Fireblight and Poison, both of which you'll want to come in prepared for. Overall, just make sure to keep your head down and deal damage when you can, giving yourself enough room to dodge attacks. You should be fine otherwise.

Best ailments to inflict: Blast
Best weapons to use: Water, Dragon
Armor to wear: Fire-resistant 


A Lightning-based creature, this last monster on the list, the Zinogre, is an end-game creature based in the Guiding Lands. It’s fast, has a ton of charging attacks, and inflicts Thunderblight! Great fun!

When up against this beast, you’ll want an Ice weapon if you can help it, though a Water one is a decent backup. Make sure to have Thunder-resistant armor as well, especially because of how hard it is to dodge this monster’s fast attacks. It’s constantly wailing on you, and you have to do your best to stay as close to it as possible, dodging swinging tail swipes and slams.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Zinogre

Otherwise, every ailment except for Paralysis is good against this creature. Just make sure you can deal enough damage and sever its tail to get this fight over as fast as you can.

Best ailments to inflict: All except for Paralysis
Best weapons to use: Ice
Armor to wear: Thunder-resistant armor 


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