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Lost Eidolons: Veil of the Witch title image with the main characters.

Lost Eidolons: Veil of the Witch Preview - Strategy Strikes Again

Last year's Lost Eidolons was an exceptional take on the turn-based tactics genre. It took what I loved most from games like Fire Emblem and XCOM and put forth a truly admirable spin on the genre. So…

September 7, 2023 | 11:00 EDT

The broody-looking cast of Lost Eidolons: Veil of the Witch against a blue backdrop

Lost Eidolons: Veil Of The Witch Is A "Stripped-Back" Standalone Expansion Coming Soon

Ocean Drive Studio has announced Lost Eidolons: Veil of the Witch, a standalone expansion headed to Steam sometime soon. The original Lost Eidolons was a tactical RPG that gunned for Fire Emblem's…

September 1, 2023 | 09:48 EDT

lost eidolons

Taking a Deep Dive into the Origins of Ocean Drive Studio

If you're a strategy RPG fan, chances are you twiddle your thumbs and wait for the next Fire Emblem to release. Wanting to scratch that itch I deeply needed, I checked out Lost Eidolons last…

November 22, 2022 | 11:00 EST

Lost Eidolons header

Lost Eidolons Completely Stole My Attention at PAX West

My appointment to check out Lost Eidolons at PAX West 2022 was supposed to be a simple 30 minute affair, but before I knew it, an hour had passed. Even the game's creative director was shocked at how…

September 8, 2022 | 11:00 EDT

Lost Eidolons screenshot showing Franciso and Godfrey fighting, along with a bunch of other NPCs.

Lost Eidolons Release Date Will Have Players Fighting an Empire

Publisher and developer Ocean Drive Studio has announced the Lost Eidolons release date for PC, which is October 13th. The Xbox Series X|S version will follow in early 2023, although we don't have a…

September 1, 2022 | 10:58 EDT

Lost Eidolons
Game Page

Lost Eidolons

Lost Eidolons is a turn-based tactical RPG that's set in a waning empire beset by civil war. Players will take on the role as a mercenary captain named Eden. Forced to become a rebel commander, Eden…

June 27, 2022 | 03:46 EDT