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A leafy forest scene in Book of Travels

Book Of Travels Dev Lays Off Staff After Tough Launch

Book of Travels developer Might and Delight has laid off most of its staff after the cozy MMO's launch didn't pan out as expected. The staff has been downsized by more than two-thirds, leaving a…

December 22, 2021 | 08:09 EST

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Book of Travels and Palia Showcase the Shift Toward Relaxing MMOs

According to the community, what defines an MMORPG goes beyond just an online fictional world filled with countless players. Prolific player-driven economies is just one way that the games rely on…

November 23, 2021 | 12:00 EST

Book of Travels

Book of Travels Captures the Feeling of Wanderlust

Journey captured the hearts of its players when it released nearly a decade ago. This adventure game created relationships between two gamers without the need for words. Through non-verbal…

October 7, 2021 | 01:00 EDT

Book of Travels Release Date cover

MMORPG Book of Travels Release Date Set for October 2021

The upcoming "TMORPG" Book of Travels release date has been set for next month by Might and Delight -- if you're looking for a new MMORPG on PC, this might be something worth checking out. The next…

September 24, 2021 | 01:38 EDT

book of travels

Crowdfunding Spotlight - Book of Travels

Many people find playing MMORPGs cathartic and as an escape from the troubles of the real world. There's something soothing about grinding for a highly sought piece of gear or some extremely rare…

October 30, 2019 | 12:02 EDT

Game Page

Book of Travels

Developer Might and Delight describes Book of Travels as a TMORPG, meaning it's a tiny multiplayer online roleplaying game, because the world supports only a small amount of players on any given…

October 28, 2019 | 07:02 EDT

book of travels

Fantasy MMO Book Of Travels Wants To Put The RP Back Into MMORPG

Stockholm-based developer Might and Delight has announced a new MMORPG project. The game is called Book of Travels and it's based on player-to-player roleplaying. On the game's official Steam page,…

September 12, 2019 | 10:00 EDT