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Aquanox Deep Descent Key Art
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Aquanox: Deep Descent

Take to the depths of the sea in Aquanox: Deep Descent from developer Digital Arrow. A re-imagining of the AquaNox series, Aquanox: Deep Descent is a first person underwater vehicle shooter, where…

October 16, 2020 | 11:32 EDT

AquaNox: Deep Descent - Key Art

AquaNox: Deep Descent Review

The deep-sea is a terrifying place, so the idea of settings a post-apocalypse story in the deep sea makes a lot of sense. AquaNox: Deep Descent is one such game, a 6-degrees-of-freedom underwater…

October 16, 2020 | 11:00 EDT

AquaNox: Deep Descent - Title

AquaNox: Deep Descent Is A Bit Wet

The deep-sea is one of the most atmospheric locations for a video game on the planet. Even if you're not making a horror game, simply setting your game at the bottom of the ocean is a great way of…

September 22, 2020 | 11:00 EDT