2017 TechRaptor Awards Nominees and Readers' Choice Vote

It's the time of year for every publication to bring out arbitrary lists and attempt to whittle down the hundreds of games released this year to the "best." Now it's our turn, where you will find the awards categories and nominees for each award. We want to get you in on the action too of course, so the Readers' Choice vote has returned again. You can vote along with staff to choose the Readers' Choice winner of each category from our nominees.

You can vote in our Readers' Choice awards here. Voting will remain open until 12/24/17 11:59pm eastern. UPDATED: Voting is now closed. Thanks to all who participated! Starting on the 26th we'll begin announcing winners, so check on back to see who won!


Once those results are in, we will be announcing all of the categories throughout the week starting on the 26th.

Staff submitted nominations for each category, which were then voted on by the entire staff to give us the final nominees you see below.

Best Multiplayer (For exceptional multiplayer gameplay and design)

[Winner Announced Here!]

Best Writing (For outstanding storytelling, worldbuilding, and character creation)

[Winner Announced Here!]

Best Soundtrack (For outstanding overall score)

[Winner Announced Here!]

Best Visuals (For outstanding cohesive aesthetic)

[Winner Announced Here!]

Best Expansion/DLC (The best piece of additional content to an existing game)

[Winner Announced Here!]

Indie Game of the Year (Outstanding creative and technical design from outside a large studio)

[Winner Announced Here!]

Board Game of the Year (For outstanding design in tabletop gaming)

[Winner Announced Here!]

Game of the Year (The best game of the year, whose sum of its parts are greater than any other)

[Winner Announced Here!]

What do you think of the above nominees? Any we left out? Any that maybe shouldn't be there? Let us know in the comments below!

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