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The Weekly Respawn 023 - Remakes and Remasters

Welcome to TechRaptor’s Weekly Respawn, a podcast dedicated to gaming and technology. Each week, we’ll respawn with a brand new cast to talk about relevant topics and products. This week, Don Parsons respawns with Georgina Young, Perry Ruhland, and Clint Smith  to talk about "Remakes and Remasters".

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Here's what we talked about:

- The difference between remakes and remasters

- What constitutes a good remake or remaster

- At what point does a game go from remaster to remake?

- What should be considered for a remaster or remake?

- Beyond graphics what should be done in a remaster?

- How much loyalty should a remake have to the original before it becomes a spiritual successor?

Thanks for joining us for TechRaptor’s Weekly Respawn, Episode 023 - "Remakes and Remasters"! Have a comment? Did we miss a game or topic? Comment below!

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