Unofficial Version of Cards Against Humanity to be Free Online

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Cards Against Humanity

The popular card game will be free on smart devices (like smart phones and tablets) as well as on PC this weekend. The web app named Cards Against Originality, which contains all of the original cards, as well as all 5 expansion packs, of the original game will be available for free.

The app based on the original game "Cards Against Humanity"  is able to be offered for free because the original game was distributed under a creative common license. This basically means consumers can create and remake the game as they like, for free, as long as they do not sell it without permission. Players can even make an entirely new deck from scratch.

On the Cards Against Humanity website, the frequently asked question section lays out app making already.

Question: Do I have your permission to make some crappy Cards Against Humanity thing like an app?

Answer: Cards Against Humanity is available under a BY-NC-SA 2.0 Creative Commons license. That means you can use our content to make whatever, but you have to give us credit, you can’t profit from the use of our content (this means ad revenue is not allowed), and you have to share whatever you make in the same way we share it (this means you can’t submit our content to any app store). We own the name "Cards Against Humanity," so you have to call your crappy thing something else.

The app can be found hereCards Against Originality seems to be one of the more closely replicated versions of the original game. As mentioned above, the creative common license means many can create their own version of Cards Against Humanity, and many have.

The Cards Against Originality Website
The Cards Against Originality Website

Cards Against Humanity is played by each player taking 10 white cards with the player who most recently went #2 (read: pooped) being the first to act as the Card Czar who reads the question on a black  card they draw from the black card pile. The other players answer the question or fill in the blank by playing one of their white cards face down. The Card Czar then chooses the funniest answer and that player wins the round. Then a new player (usually to the last Card Czar's right or left) takes up the mantle as the new Card Czar and the next round starts.

Cards Against Humanity is designed to be remixed, and players can play however they wish. The website even has a list of common alternate rules that people can play by.

Will you be playing Cards Against Originality? Have you played Cards Against Humanity before? If so, what are some of your favorite moments with the game? Let us know your best and worst in the comments below!

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