Danger Zone Impressions

CSGO Danger Zone | The Royale - Ep 3


Chevy and Rutledge are headed to the Danger Zone - taking on the CSGO Battle Royale, a new game mode for Counter Strike: Global Offensive!

RoE Impressions

Ring Of Elysium | The Royale - Ep 2


Drop into a snowy island, and glide, snowboard, or rappel your way to victory.

The Royale ep 4 Creative Destruction

The Royale Episode 4: Creative Destruction


In this episode of The Royale, Chevy and Rutledge are auto-dropping into Creative Destruction, and after finding a huge mobile population on PC - they have a lot of thoughts.

Call of Duty Blackout

Call of Duty Blackout | The Royale Ep 1


In our first episode of The Royale, Chevy and Rutledge talk about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode. This Call of Duty Battle Royale shouldn't be missed.

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