Isle of Armor

What Exactly Is Pokemon Sword and Shield's DLC Pass?


So, what exactly is Pokemon Sword and Shields Expansion Pass?

Nowhere Prophet Facts

Nowhere Prophet - Quick Facts


It’s been a while since I played a game with such a boisterous clash of genres and influences as Nowhere Prophet.

CC Rivals Impressions

Command & Conquer Rivals - Quick Facts


We got hands-on with Command and Conquer: Rivals at E3 2019, and after Rutledge crushed Sam in a few games - we decided to put some facts together about this mobile adaptation of a classic

gris facts

Gris - Quick Facts


We got hands on with Gris and found it to be a beautiful game, so we dug into some facts about Gris!

Absolver Facts

Quick Facts: Absolver


Some quick facts about the new PC game Absolver.

Iron Harvest Quick Facts

Iron Harvest Quick Facts - WW1 Era Mecha RTS


We here at TechRaptor have had our eye on Iron Harvest for a while.

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