Oculus Rift Will Not Block Adult Entertainment

Published: May 20, 2015 1:46 PM /


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Adult entertainment has been a controversial topic in the virtual reality industry recently. As more companies throw their hats into the VR ring, these questions have come up more and more. Many companies dodged questions related to porn when asked about the subject at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference this year. However according to a quote from Variety.com, Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, said that X-rated content such as pornography would be allowed on the Rift. On Monday he said that the Oculus Rift was meant to be an open platform. Because of this, Oculus doesn't plan on controlling what software runs on it.

This statement speaks about how Facebook and Oculus view the headset. Instead of being treated like its own console the Rift will treated as a peripheral, like a television or a computer monitor; Oculus will not attempt to limit what content is being made compatible with the Rift, as it is essentially acting as a replacement for a monitor. As a result of this hands off approach to their hardware, pornography and other X-rated content will be allowed to be made compatible for the Rift.

Oculus and other VR companies have stressed the use of headsets uses outside of gaming, such as education and other entertainment. We have seen the Rift being used by military's to help train soldiers and tank operators, and now it seems that adult entertainment seems to be another use for the Rift.

The Oculus Rift is set to release to consumers during quarter one of 2016.

What is your opinion on the Oculus Rift? Is it good business sense for Oculus to be hands off with what apps are made for the Rift? Do you think that Oculus should allow X-rated content on the Rift? Leave a comment below with your opinion on the subject.

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