Eyeo, the ad blocking company Adblock Plus (ABP) has announced that it is launching its own advertisement platform. This is an extension of ABP's acceptable ads program that has been running for

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The Newspaper Association of America (NAA), a trade organization representing over 2000 newspapers, has filed a complaint with the FTC urging it to investigate "unfair and deceptive" practices of

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Adblock usage on mobile platforms is on the rise according to the New York Times.A 2016 report by Pagefair details the specifics of the problem. 22% of the world's 1.9 billion smartphone users - that


Privacy advocate Alexander Hanff believes scripts which detect whether or not a user has adblocking software installed violate EU privacy law. An amendment to the ePrivacy Directive that went into

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March 12 is World Day Against Cyber Censorship, and AdBlock is celebrating by replacing some ads rather than simply blocking them. For 24 hours, AdBlock users will see banners linking to Amnesty