Widower's Wood, the newest Iron Kingdoms Board Game, hits Kickstarter

Published: February 17, 2016 2:12 PM /


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Privateer Press has taken their newest Iron Kingdoms board game, entitled Widower's Wood, to Kickstarter, and it has hit the ground running. The initial funding goal of $100,000 has already been surpassed, sitting at just over $120,000 at the time of this writing, with 31 days left in the campaign.

Designed by William “Oz” Schoonover, Widower's Wood uses the system first seen in the TechRaptor approved The Undercity board game. Like The Undercity, Widower's Wood is a fully cooperative adventure board game for 2 -4 players and will feature seven scenarios that flow together to form a narrative campaign. The game will also feature 43 plastic miniatures, over 200 cards, over 200 tokens and markers, 8 dice, and 16 map tiles.

There are three pledge levels available, with the core game available for $100. The middle, $140 tier includes the game and Dead Men Walking expansion pack while the final, $250 tier includes the game, the expansion, some custom dice, and a custom collectors edition box.

The Dead Men Walking expansion is interesting in that it includes scenarios for use in both Widower's Wood and The Undercity. Like The Undercity, the miniatures in both Widower's Wood and The Dead Men Walking have facing indicators on their bases, meaning that players can use them directly out of the box with the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy and Unleashed Roleplaying Games

From our review of The Undercity:

The Undercity is a fun game and could easily become a must-have if Privateer Press supports it with expansion and supplemental materials. It lays a solid foundation for what could turn into an excellent system. Currently it sits in an interesting place as a mid-weight cooperative dungeon crawl. It is a great place to start for people interested in the Iron Kingdoms but probably not complex enough for people who are already invested in current Iron Kingdoms products. It nicely bridges the gap between the simpler and more complex and free-form cooperative dungeon crawl board games on the market.

Quick Take

I'm excited about the prospect of more content for The Undercity. I was left craving more when I finished the included campaign and both Widower's Wood and Dead Men Walking look to add a ton of new content to a really good board game system.


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