Vaults of Temenos Campaign Coming to Necromunda

A new campaign book has been announced for Warhammer 40,000 spin-off, Necromunda. Vaults of Temenos will continue the tale of the Aranthian Succession, including the rise of a mysterious prophet

Published: March 17, 2023 2:46 PM /


Featured artwork of miniatures featured in the Vaults of Temenos campaign of Necromunda.

A new campaign book has been announced for Necromunda. This spin-off of the grimdark sci-fi series Warhammer 40,000 narrows its scope from the fates of entire planets to the actions of gangs and criminal organizations living on a single bleak planet. Battles in this game either take place within the vast underground hive cities or in the Mad Max-style desert wastes of the surface. Now, it seems the overarching story of this part of the far future will be moving forward in Vaults of Temenos.

Black and white illustrations of warriors in an expressive artstyle from Necromunda Vaults of Temenos
Things are going to get worse from here.

The Vaults of Temenos campaign book summary

In an official Warhammer-Community post, Games Workshop goes into detail about Vaults of Temenos. The book will continue the storyline of The Aranthian Succession, which has plunged the planet of Necromunda into a succession crisis. With the possible death of Lord Helmawr and his daughter Lady Haera attempting to take his place through manipulation and betrayal. The result is the planet falling into lawless anarchy. It is in this tenuous era that certain saints and prophets are worshipped. The largest among these is the Redemptionist Prophet, which has brought thousands of followers under its banner with the promise of The Great Pilgrimage. And part of this pilgrimage is to take Hive Temenos.

The Vaults of Temenos will trace a twisted tale of faith and heresy through 40 pages of narrative background. In addition, this information will help bring the world of Necromunda in line with the greater events currently happening in Warhammer 40,000. The book also supports part two of the Succession Campaign - Road to Temenos. In game terms, the book will provide new rules, including benefits for aligning certain factions, the benefits of holy relics, and rules for crafting your own spiritual paraphernalia. Finally, the book will contain new rules for House Cawdor, new crew profiles for Redemptionist Road Preachers, as well as four new Dramatis Personae: Prophet of Redemption, Axon Hammer, Durgan Kill-Fist, and Scrutinator-Primus Servalen.

Vaults of Temenos will be available for pre-order "in the near future."

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