Traveller Companion Update 2024 Brings New Rules To Sci-Fi RPG

Published: September 1, 2023 3:27 PM /


The cover art for the Traveller Companion Update 2024 book supplement, featuring several humans in jumpsuits and aliens socializing in front of a starship.

Mongoose Publishing has announced a new supplement for their sci-fi TTRPG, Traveller. The Traveller Companion Update 2024 introduces brand new variant rules for the vast sci-fi RPG. These alternative rules include changes both to the creation system and to combat.

The Traveller Companion Update 2024 announcement

According to an ICV2 report, Mongoose Publishing provided new details on Traveller Companion Update 2024. This supplement will introduce new optional rules for GMs to implement in their games.

Some of these new rules are systemic. These include new rules for hunger, thirst, temperature, atmospheric, and water pressure effects. As for spaceship affairs, there are rules for operating in gas giant atmospheres and traveling slower than light in jump space.

For those running campaigns with more negligent or criminal crews, the supplement also contains rules for lawbreaking. These include the consequences of breaking the rules on a personal and starship scale.

In addition, the Traveller Companion Update 2024 has alternate rules for players. These alternate combat rules introduce hit locations and wound severity.

Traveller was first published in 1977 by Marc Miller, Frank Chadwick, John Harshman, and Loren Wiseman. It's a sci-fi TTRPG where players are crewmates on a starship with the goal of exploring the vast unknown of space.

It is an RPG most well known for its in-depth character creation system, and an emphasis on commerce, the logistics of communication across light-years of distance, as well as a cosmopolitan approach to human and alien societies.

It has spawned several novels, officially licensed videogames, and has won multiple Origins Awards. In fact, just last year, the publisher released new Traveller Starter Sets, based on the most recent version of the game.

Given the recent interest in exploring the stars, thanks to the release of Bethesda Softworks' Starfield, this new Traveller supplement may bring even more fans to this game.

The Traveller Companion Update 2024 will be available in November 2023 at an MSRP of $49.99.


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