Terminator: Dark Fate, the Card Game Revealed by River Horse

Published: January 13, 2020 1:00 PM /


Terminator: Dark Fate, the Card Game

Terminator: Dark Fate, the Card Game has been revealed by tabletop publisher River Horse in a press release — and you can buy it right now.

In a dark future, movie studios are still cranking out Terminator films. Oh, and I guess a bunch of killer robots are trying to eliminate all of mankind. It's up to 2–4 players to gather enough weapons and resources in order to fend off the dreaded Rev-9.

Here's a video that shows you just how this game is played:

This co-operative deck-building game has some tough decisions ahead for people who want to try to take on the Terminator. Do you stand your ground or fight, or do you choose to flee? Fighting will let the Rev-9 inflict wounds on your party, so that's always a risk. Fleeing, however, isn't much better. It's a machine. It doesn't exactly get tired. You'll need to balance gathering resources, gathering weapons, and fighting with the whole "staying alive" thing — and hopefully, humanity comes out on top.

Terminator: Dark Fate, the Card Game box contents

What's in the Box of Terminator: Dark Fate, the Card Game?

So, what will you get in the box of Terminator: Dark Fate, the Card Game? Here's what players can expect to get:

• 182 Fate Cards
• 30 Wound Cards
• 4 Rev-9 Cards
• 4 Character Cards
• 20 Damage Tokens
• Rulebook

If this seems like the kind of game you might enjoy, you buy Terminator: Dark Fate, the Card Game from River Horse right now at the price of £24.99 (≈$32.42) or your regional equivalent. Bear in mind that this is a company headquartered on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, so shipping will be a bit hefty — it came up to well over £15.00 for me, bringing the total cost of the game to more than £40.00 (≈$51.89).

What do you think of this Terminator-themed card game? Did you enjoy the Dark Fate film, or do you prefer the older flicks in the franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

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