Sobek: 2 Players Releases in the US This May

Published: February 16, 2022 10:00 AM /


The artwork and set-up for the board game, Sobek: 2 Players

Fans of tabletop gaming are probably aware of Sobek: 2 Players. Designed by Bruno Cathala (7 Wonders Duel) and Sebastien Pauchon (Jamaica), it's a board game that has received a fair share of acclaim across Europe. This includes winning 2-Player Game of 2021 by French outlet Tric Trac, and a glowing recommendation by dedicated board game YouTuber Game Boy Geek. Interest has only grown around this board game, with eager fans wondering when the U.S. English language version of Sobek: 2 Players will be released. Now, thanks to board game developer Pandasaurus, the team behind Skate Summer, those fans will not have to wait much longer.

According to an official press release by the board game publisher, Pandasaurus will be distributing the official U.S. English language version of Sobek: 2 Players. In short, the game is all about managing a hand of cards and trying to get sets of goods formed on a grid map. The key to winning isn't just focusing on your actions, but how you can control and mess with what your opponent can do.


Each turn, choose one of the available Goods tile from the board, then move the Ankh token according to the markings on the chosen tile. This determines and limits the tiles your opponent can choose on their turn. The more tiles there are between the Ankh pawn and the tile you take, the more Corruption you'll gain for taking it. The least corrupt player will earn extra points at the end of the game. A single game can take about twenty minutes and, as the name implies, is meant for two players ages ten and up.

The board set up for Sobek: 2 Players
Image Credit: Pandasaurus

It must also be noted that this US release of Sobek: 2 Players won't be the exact same version. As the release states, "This is a re-imagining of the titular card game released back in 2010. The rules have been adapted and balanced to suit two player strategy, addressing initial player feedback." As for what this entails, it could mean anything to the implementation of errata since the initial release to cards and abilities being rebalanced all together.

The U.S. English version of Sobek: 2 Players will be available May 25 at the MSRP of $30. It can be pre-ordered on Pandausaurus' website right here.



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