Scientists Are Studying How Prevalent Autism is in Board Gamers

Published: February 1, 2021 5:00 PM /


Game in Lab - Autism Stufy

Asmodee's research group, Game in Lab, is doing a research study on how autistic spectrum conditions relate to tabletop gaming. Participants in the study are put into a draw to win their choice of Asmodee Digital games via Steam. 

Game in Lab And The New Study

The new Game in Lab study is being headed by Dr. Liam Cross and Dr. Gray Atherton at Edge Hill University in Lancashire, UK. According to the doctors of psychology, the study aims to gauge the number of autistic individuals who are part of the board game community. 

"This study aims firstly, to understand the prevalence of individuals with autism who engage in this hobby and the levels of autistic traits in the population in general and secondly to explore autistic and non[-]autistic players preferred game mechanics, themes and styles."

The new study is part of the initiative started by Asmodee that has seen other studies take place into the relationship between board games and mental health and diseases. Another such study found beneficial side-effects for Alzheimer's patients that played board games. 

Game in Lab Is Offering Incentives

As well as helping to further study the link between autism and board games, the new study is also incentivizing participants in another way. Anyone who completes the survey about their gaming preferences and personality traits will be entered into a prize draw to win one of several Asmodee Digital games on Steam. 

1500 winners will be picked and have a chance to win a digital version of one of the following games: 

  • Bloodrage
  • Carcassone - Tiles & Tactics
  • Game of Thrones the Board Game
  • Gloomhaven
  • Mysterium
  • Pandemic
  • Scythe
  • Small World
  • Terraforming Mars
  • Ticket to Ride

This isn't the end of Game in Lab's study ideas. In the future, further studies using a variety of different methods are planned. 

"Our future projects with GiL plan to use both more experimental methods and more in-depth qualitative endeavors."

For more news on future projects, you can follow AsmodeeUK on Twitter. 


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