Para Bellum Wargames Announces Conquest Starter Sets

Published: March 29, 2022 2:51 PM /


Box art of the Conquest Nord Starter Set

Fans of tabletop miniatures games are becoming aware of the fantasy miniatures game, Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings. Released in 2019, it is a wargame that has slowly risen in popularity thanks to ongoing support, positive word of mouth, and the implementation of a smaller skirmish spin-off, Conquest: First Blood. Now, publisher Para Bellum Games have announced new Conquest Starter Sets to help new or curious players get into this more regimental take on fantasy wargaming.

According to a press release, these new Conquest Starter Sets will include be a set of 49 miniatures for every single army faction in the game to date. These boxes will include a key character as well as four regiments of your Faction of choice, Command Cards, plastic bases, assembly instructions, a rulebook, and "Conquest: The Next Step" a guidebook with recommendations on how to build your army further.


In addition to these Conquest Starter Sets, Para Bellum Games have also announced that their Core Set will be revised as well. The "Two Player Starter Set: Hundred Kingdoms vs Spires" contains two of Conquest's oldest army factions as well as an equal number of units for both players. Overall, this is 75 miniatures, two rulebooks, Next Step guidebooks, plastic bases, Command Cards, plastic bases and stands, all at an SRP of €164.99 or $149.99.

Featured art work for miniatures of the Spires faction of Conquest
Image Credit: Para Bellum Games

As for why these Conquest Starter Sets are happening, Para Bellum's Head of Sales and Marketing, Daryl McKay explained that it was all about expanding their player base as well as supporting their early adopters.

“We are extremely happy that our community is constantly growing! For us, this means welcoming newcomers with the best offers possible! We also wish to provide our existing player base a superb value - whether to expand on their armies or start playing a whole new faction. Enter our new Starter Sets!”

The first wave of these Conquest Starter Sets will be arriving at local game stores soon. A second wave of production are set to arrive in May.




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