Monster of the Week Brings Classic Monsters to the Table

Monster of the Week is a new RPG that uses Powered by the Apocalypse to tell MOTW stories and tasks players with taking on fresh beasts each adventure.

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Monster of the Week Cover

Recreate your favorite monster-hunting fantasies with Evil Hat Production's revised edition of Monster of the Week.  Monster of the Week is a stand-alone, action-horror RPG that uses the engine of award-winning tabletop games, Powered by the Apocalypse.  Recently released Monster of the Week will allow players to exist in a world where monsters are real.

Monster of the Week - Based on Powered by the Apocalypse

Tabletop gamers now have the chance to recreate their favorite classic monster's ranging from the mythic Bigfoot to a traditional vampire.  Monster of the Week enables GMs to create epic monsters for their action-horror campaigns. Player characters can create hunters fit to take on these supernatural beings as well.  Put together a team of hunters and roll the dice.

Monster of the Week supports 2-6 players and is recommended for those 12 years old and up.  The recently released revised edition provides new material to help players get started with their monster-hunting campaign. Based on the popular Apocalypse World RPGMonster of the Week uses eight simple moves for players to choose from, making gameplay easy to learn and well-paced.

The revised edition provides two ready-to-play mysteries as well as mystery-creation tools to design your very own game elements.  New content for the book includes introductory and example material to get players started and immersed in the world.  There is an introductory mystery, example monsters to use, and hunter types to choose from.

Monsters Galore

With monsters like Balkan vampires, werewolves, and demons, Monster of the Week will bring action-horror RPG campaigns to life.  Hunter types such as the Crooked and the Spell-Slinger allow players to role-play the unique monster hunter they want.  Monster of the Week provides tabletop gamers with the tools they need to slay vampires in Sunnydale with Buffy, take on a case from the X-Files, or hunt monsters in a world of their own creation.

Created by Michael Sands and edited by Steve Hickey, the revised edition of Monster of the Week is now available to purchase from Evil Hat Productions. Purchase a physical copy of the book with a PDF download for $25 from Evil Hat Productions.  Go paperless and get just the PDF version for $12.

What monster would you want to hunt in a Monster of the Week campaign?

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