Heroquest Rise of the Dread Moon Breathes New Life Into 30-Year Old Game

Published: July 12, 2023 4:27 PM /


A screenshot displaying boxes for Heroquest and Heroquest Rise of the Dread Moon expansion

in 2020, Hasbro and Avalon Hill announced they would be reprinting the board game Heroquest. This return of the 1989 tabletop classic did have some bumps, including the Heroquest TTRPG being delisted, but it was released in December 2021 to a warm fan reception.

Now, Avalon Hill and Hasbro have announced Heroquest Rise of the Dread Moon, a brand new expansion for the board game. Notably, this is the first new retail expansion for the game in thirty years.

Heroquest Rise of the Dread Moon announcement

According to an official press release, Heroquest Rise of the Dread Moon is a quest pack. It will guide players through a brand new story and introduce new tactics for them to overcome. The expansion will include brand-new monster types, never-before-seen spells, and abilities.

The expansion's contents include 10 quests, 29 detailed miniatures, a terrifying new Dread Wraith monster, a new playable Knight character, new Elven furniture, and full-color tiles. Finally, it marks the conclusion to the epic Elethorn saga which began in the Mage of the Mirror quest pack.

You are tasked with freeing Elethorn from the clutches of Zargon, whose forces continue to grow in power with the rise of the Dread Moon. To this end, you will embark on dangerous quests, seek the aid of Cadre of the Raven's Veil, as well as navigate an underground city.

Heroquest Rise of the Dread Moon will be available on July 15. It will be sold at an MSRP of $44.99. This release date coincides with Heroquest Day, a day dedicated to streaming and questing playthroughs.

Coinciding with this expansion's release, three top influencers will stream playthroughs of Heroquest, including an original quest meant to set up the Rise of the Dread Moon storyline. This original quest will be available for players to download for free afterward.


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