Fantasy Football Board Game Myth & Goal Announced

Published: August 6, 2021 3:09 PM /


A human, orc, dwarf, and elf in football gear with the game's title in front

The world of tabletop gaming is about to get some healthy competition with the announcement of Myth and Goal.

Myth & Goal is a fantasy football miniatures game meant for one to two players. Each player takes control of one of many unique teams defined by classic fantasy races, such as elves, dwarves, and orcs, and faces off against each other in a sport inspired by American football. The game will used streamlined rules, custom dice made just for the game, and highly detailed plastic miniatures. In addition, it will introduce several new gameplay mechanics including modular team creation where players can mix and match characters from different races to find a unique playstyle that suits them.

We reached out to Blacklist Games for further details about Myth and Goal. Simply put, there are plenty of board games already on the market that put "fantasy" back into fantasy football. How exactly would this title stand out? Thankfully, this game's lead designer James Hewitt had plenty to say on the matter. He has actually worked with Games Workshop in the past on games like Blood Bowl and Blitzball. Going into this project, Hewitt already had plans on how to stand out. In addition to the ability to mix and match teams, there will be rules for AI-controlled teams so you can fully play an entire league as a single-player experience. Hewitt continues, "We wanted to focus on team management and overall game strategy, and the game features two parallel systems that give players (or Managers, as we call them) a lot of interesting choices."

A dwarf charger from Myth and Goal
As if a linebacker wasn't bad enough.

Hewitt then details these systems. First is a Fatigue system. Players will gain Fatigue as they move and are shoved around by other players on the field, eventually leading to a separate stat sheet for them to show that they're exhausted. The only way to get rid of this is to bench them and bring in another player. This is done to add more unique decisions, not just during every down but to every quarter in the game going forward.

Following that is a Gambit system. Hewitt explains, " Some actions have an uncertain outcome, which is resolved by an opposed dice roll. Managers (the ones playing the game) are always free to add the special 'Gambit Die' to their roll, which represents their player pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone. This can significantly improve the score of a roll, but it can also lead to a player receiving an Infraction. Unlike Fatigue, Infractions last until the end of the game; the first is a warning, the second gets the player sent off the field for a while, and a third sees them ejected from play completely." He then teased that design diaries would be coming in the future to discuss design decisions further.

Hewitt continued that the game would be feature complete out of the box. The current measurements for the contents haven't been finalized yet, although the goal is to aim for 12"x12", but everything needed to run a game in its entirety will be included.

Myth and Goal will be coming to Kickstarter later this Summer. It will include a demo for backers through Tabletop Game Simulator on Steam, however you will need to own a copy of the game first.


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