2018 Promotional Miniature Announced for Wild West Exodus

Published: April 11, 2018 1:59 PM /


nakano gozen

Warcradle Studios has announced this year’s promotional miniature for their flagship game Wild West Exodus with the introduction of Nakano Gozen, Emissary of the Blazing Sun. She will be taking Rani Nimue’s place as the promotional miniature often given away at conventions and through various Warcradle events throughout the year.

According to the press release, Nakano Gozen is a direct descendant of Empress Shizuna and has been sent to the American frontier on a secret mission for the Empire of the Blazing Sun. She has taken an interest in the workings and machinations of not only Dr. Carpathain’s Enlightened but in the goings on of the Union as well. Nakano has ingratiated herself with various Outlaw gangs, and her diplomatic skills are a welcome addition to the more rough-and-tumble groups she works with on occasion.

wild west exodus nakano gozen stat card
Image courtesy of Warcradle Studios

Stat-wise, Nakano Gozen is a close-combat beast. She comes with a base Fight value of 7, along with a pair of katanas with a Piercing value of -3 that utilize the Decapitate special rule on a critical success. She also gains an additional Action Point for event model (not unit, model) she kills in her activation, along with the ability to make two Strike actions for one Action Point a piece (all subsequent Strike actions increase in cost after the second). The best way to use her at first glance would be to simply delete a unit of Hands left out in the open, possibly next to an objective. She may struggle a bit against Bosses and more melee-oriented Face units but will shine in turning regular foot soldiers into sashimi.

For Wild West Exodus fans unable to make the journey to Salute this year, the company has you covered. Nakano Gozen will be available for sale from the Wild West Exodus web store for a limited time. The miniature will be available from 9AM BST to 9PM BST on April 14th. After that, however, she will only be available at conventions and through various Warcradle events until next year.

At the time of writing, no solid date has been provided by Warcradle regarding the general availability of last year’s promotional miniature, Rani Nimue.

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