Gen Con 2016: Kingdom Death Monster 1.4 and Invasion Expansion Interview

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Kingdom Death Monster is aptly named. It is a mad monster of a game, both in physical size and in scale of gameplay. The game, which was brought to life via Kickstarter that took the boardgame world by storm when it was delivered to backers at the end of 2015 and, despite its high pricepoint, continues to be a highly sought after board game for players who are interested in its wonderful, evocative, cooperative survival horror world.
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The base game easily walked away with TechRaptor’s Board Game of the Year award in 2015, and the scope of the game has since been expanded exponentially with the release of the numerous expansions that were brought to life alongside the game during the Kickstarter. Adam and Anna Poots still aren’t done expanding the game and the Kingdom Death universe, though. The pair is still busy both creating new content for future release and tweaking the existing ruleset to make the already phenomenal experience even better.
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We spent some time chatting with Adam Poots at Gen Con 2016 about the upcoming reprint of the core game, the tweaks and changes of the 1.4 ruleset, and how players who have the current version of the game can update their existing content. Adam even let slip some information about upcoming expansion content. We also spent some time talking about the still-to-be-delivered Lantern Festival expansion. Check out the video interview to get all of the details straight from Adam himself.

In addition to giving out some new information, Kingdom Death was selling new (and old) pinups at Gen Con, many of which include a few promotional items that can be used in-game. For those who weren't able to make the convention, Adam assured us that they will be available on the Kingdom Death webstore in the coming weeks.
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Adam also let slip a few details about their plans for upcoming expansion content. While we didn't catch this info on video, it's still very exciting. Adam told me that they have plans to release some future expansions in the same format as those already released: single monsters that can be added to the game to augment the existing story arc. While this info has been known for a while, Adam also told me that their plans have changed for some expansions, such as the Nightmare Ram.
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Adam and Anna are currently planning to expand the Nightmare Ram out into a full-fledged story arc, with multiple monsters, similar to the base game story arc. Taking place in a different part of the Kingdom Death world, players will face a whole new set of monsters, including nemesis monsters and a new final boss. In the example that he gave me, while VERY tentative, would include the likes of the Nightmare Ram, the Frogdog, the Pariah as a nemesis, and the Gryphon sitting at the top of the food chain. This information isn't set in stone, but it is extremely exciting nonetheless. The expansions in their current form already add a staggering amount of content to the game, especially those like the Sunstalker and Dragon King that each already add a brand new campaign. The thought of a single expansion adding nearly as much, if not as much, content to the game as is included in the base game is mind boggling.

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