The Ten Most Creative FPS Weapons

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With so many First Person Shooters on the market, it can be hard for some titles to stand out. One quick way to make your game be memorable is to add in a memorable weapon, something that's unique in both how it looks and plays. I've encountered a rather large amount of these before, so some honorable mentions are pictured above. Remember, the most creative weapons aren't necessarily the best, but rather the ones with the most interesting design and function.



It fires tiny drillbits which dig into your skull and then explode. Enough said.


SHRINK RAY (Duke Nukem 3D)


Duke Nukem isn't necessarily the most standard FPS, so it's obvious that it wouldn't have the most standard weapons. The Microwave Expander inflates enemies until they pop, the Freezethrower can freeze enemies to be shattered with the mighty boot, and the Devastator can rapid fire rockets. However, the Shrink Ray takes the cake for the quirkiest weapon in the game. It functions almost like a melee, needing to be fired extremely close to the enemy. However, when it makes contact, it will shrink them down to the size of an ant. All it takes from there is one satisfying stomp to literally turn them into red puddles of mush.


GRAVITY GUN (Half Life 2)


While the Gravity Gun may seem like nothing but a gimmick to showcase the Source Engine's physics, it also has a deeper use than just showing off Valve's technology. The Gravity Gun can pick up and toss items at enemies, including, but not limited to, explosive barrels, planks of wood, corpses, and even saw blades! It gets even better near the end of the game, where the Gravity Gun gets upgraded to be able to pick up and fire other human characters. That's just fun waiting to happen.


STAKE GUN (Painkiller)


This very weapon is actually the inspiration behind this list, mostly due to how off the wall it is. The Stake Gun does just what it says on the tin, fire off stakes to impale enemies to walls. In usual Painkiller fashion, this isn't the only function this weapon has. Stakes will catch fire when launched far enough, and it can even fire grenades as an alternate fire. The cherry on top is how the weapon can interact with its alt fire. With good enough timing, you can fire a stake at a grenade to make the stake explosive, blowing your enemies away.




I never enjoyed Fallout 3 much, but the game's arsenal was rather creative. With flaming katanas, trash shooting rocket launchers, and guns that fire multiple nuclear bombs at once, the Railway Rifle had some steep competition. However, the Railway Rifle has a lot of interesting things that gives it just enough charm to bump it over the others. The Railway Rifle is, much like the Stake Gun, a rifle that uses odd projectiles to pin enemies to walls. In this rifle's case, it fires railway spikes to tear limbs off of enemies. The icing on the cake is just the little train whistle the weapon emits when firing, only adding to the absurdity.


LAPTOP GUN (Perfect Dark)


While most folks will remember Goldeneye for the N64 as the go-to Nintendo First Person Shooter, but I've always preferred Rare's spiritual successor Perfect Dark. From the Cyclone to the FarSight, the game has plenty of creative and flashy weapons, but there's one that stands above the rest. The Laptop Gun may seem like a normal SMG on the surface, but its alternate universes reveal it as much more useful than one would expect. If placed down, the Laptop gun will transform from its laptop state to become a turret, helping you take out crowds in densely populated areas.




In a genre filed with the latest high-tech weapons, sometimes it's refreshing to see a low-fi weapon take center stage. With nothing but an aerosol can and a lighter, Blood's protagonist Caleb can turn enemies into toast. Plenty of FPS games have had flamethrowers over the years, but few have had the simple charm of Blood's aerosol flamethrower. While the Build games aren't famous for looking good, Blood's fire effects are truly mesmerizing.




When being tasked on creating a South Park FPS, any development team would have their work cut out for them. However, this fifth-generation First Person Shooter managed to give some pretty creative weapons. My personal favorite is the game's grenade, a farting Terrance doll. As an alternate fire, you can also place Phillip Dolls that function as fart mines. Only in a South Park game could such a stupid idea actually work as a weapon.




Halo's Needler isn't the game's most effective, but it is a breath of fresh air in an arsenal stagnated by your average FPS weapons. The Needler fires colorful needles which will sitck into enemies, and if you're lucky, explode in a purple glory. While not an ideal weapon to use in intense multiplayer matches, I can't deny getting a kill with that lucky exploding needle is one of the most satisfying things in Halo.


RIP SAW (Redneck Rampage)


Redneck Rampage isn't a great shooter by any stretch of the imagination, but some of the late-game weapons are really out there. The Rip Saw is a projectile launcher that fires spinning saw blades at enemies, like a chainsaw you can shoot. You can even use it as a melee weapon if needed! If only it was more effective against late game enemies, it would've been my favorite FPS weapon of all time.

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