First Person Saturday

First Person Saturday

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Thanks to my recent dive into the wide world of, I've discovered some really interesting shooters. However, none of them were quite deep or interesting enough to recieve their own First

drunken robot header

What a title, eh? Drunken Robot Bullet Hell  (Not the game's actual title, which I can't write without google screwing us over) is a unique shooter to say the least, one where you must fight giant

Turning Point Fall of liberty

I really miss World War II shooters. Sure, they may have grown old, but modern assault rifles and shotguns have nothing on the iconic ping of a M1 Garand, and there are fewer joys in gaming than

Rogue Shooter

Rogue Shooter is a simple game with a simple premise. You're trapped on a space station of some sort and must traverse your way through one hundred floors while dealing with all sorts of nasty


Let me get this out of the way. I love RoboCop. The original movie is one of my favorite action flicks of all time, and I was very excited to play RoboCop for the Xbox, despite its infamously low


Welcome back to First Person Saturday, where we take a look at a different First Person Shooter every week. Now, it's weird calling Bulletstorm obscure, but it seems that the past three years have


Knowing that people care about Shadow Warrior brings a little joy to my heart. While the recent 2013 remake has been one of the best modern shooters, it feels more like Serious Sam(urai) than a true