GenCon Growth Continues at Explosive Rate

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GenCon Growth Continues at Explosive Rate

August 4, 2015

By: Rutledge Daugette


We just spent four days in Indianapolis playing games, talking with developers, and recording over 45 videos. It was an extreme pleasure to get to make it out to GenCon again this year, and based on the GenCon growth numbers, tens of thousands of others felt the same way. The convention's attendance has doubled since 2010, and will only continue to grow more with each passing year.

GenCon moved to Indianapolis in 2003, with an approximate attendance of 25,000 people. This year, attendance grew to over 61,000 attendees and a turnstile attendance of just under 200,000. Marking yet another year of growth, GenCon's CEO, Adrian Swartout had to say: "Another year, another life-changing Gen Con! While it always seems impossible, the global Gen Con community continues to find ways to keep coming up with new, bigger ideas on how to make each Gen Con the best yet."

GenCon 2015 was co-sponsored by Mayfair Games and Paizo Inc, and was the first time that the convention held over 400 exhibitors in the hall. Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard is quoted in yesterday's press release saying, "Gen Con is an important contributor to Indy’s economy, and more importantly, a great partner organization.  The entire city enjoys this convention, and I was delighted to once again welcome Gen Con to Indianapolis."

The event brings over $67 million into Indianapolis' economy, which spurred the expansion of Indianapolis Convention center to boast 1,300,000 square feet of space. With an expansive hall, and events taking place in every room and corner of the convention center, GenCon takes up a very large portion of the building for gamers looking to meet up, play games, and participate in the many events offered to GenCon attendees.


With dates planned out until 2020, GenCon will be returning to Indianapolis for its 49th convention on August 4-7th, 2016.

I've been to over 10 GenCon's, and I recommend that anyone interested in Tabletop games (as well as a few video games!) check out GenCon. The environment is welcoming, you'll always meet new people to strike up a conversation, and the number of incredible demos every year continues to make me excited to come back.

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