Nautical Tabletop Month

Wargaming, as well as being a recreational pastime, has been used as a military tool for planning and training since the late 1700s. These days, when most people think of wargames, it's usually associated with Space Marines or high fantasy races doing battle, but there is still a huge community and a booming industry around more historical wargaming as well.

This month sees the final weeks of an incredibly successful Kickstarter, Blood and Plunder Raise the Black from Firelock Games, and also the release of the fantasy nautical wargame, based in Mantic's Kings of War setting, Kings of War Armada. But there are also several other sea-based wargames already in production, along with many existing wargames with nautical factions. So we thought we would celebrate this with a Nautical Tabletop Month, where we'll look at loads of existing sea-based wargames and board games, talk to the companies and developers behind them and also look at loads of other products with sea themes.

So prepare to set sail, and join us on this journey on the high seas.

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