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Space Journey

Space Journey is a physics based puzzle game for Android. This little mobile game is challenging and fun.  If you are an Android users who enjoys physics based puzzles you might want to give this game a try.

Play as a little alien jumping from planet to planet in Space Journey.  The goal is simple, get to the portal.  Accomplishing this goal will unlock the next level.  However, to get top-score you will also have to collect stars along the way.

It’s all about the gameplay and getting a perfect score with Space Journey.  There’s no story line.  Just a little alien jumping across space, avoiding obstacles and collecting stars as he gets where he needs to go.

The graphics and music are simple and solid.  Mute the sound while playing the game out in public or multitasking and it won’t be a vastly different experience.  The color palette is basic and you’ll see the same planet show up level after level but that doesn't detract from the game.

Space Journey

Completionists will rejoice that getting a perfect score is the most rewarding part of this game.  Yet to get that perfect score you’ll have to collect all the stars which is made difficult by challenges like black holes and asteroids.  Colliding with an obstacle will mean instant death so executing a flawless jump is key to getting a top, three star rating.

There are 15 levels to play through, each unlocked by the next.  6 different playable alien characters can also be unlocked, each with different costumes.  Some aliens have special powers which will help you get through the more difficult challenges, really making them worth unlocking.

Controls are simple in Space Journey. Using touch controls players use their finger to touch the right or left of the screen in order to rotate their avatar in the corresponding direction around a planet.  Tap the screen to make your alien jump between planets.

Space Journey

While the controls are simple it may take you a few levels to really get the hang of them.  Controls seem unintuitive, like how you can’t rotate your avatar in either direction in a continuous motion but instead have to alternate between touching either side of the screen.  Yet as soon as you understand the constraints of the controls things feel more fluid.

The physics based gravity in the game seems hard to predict where you’ll end up jumping.  Each planet, asteroid etc. has it’s own gravity effect which you’ll have to account for when trying to avoid obstacles and jump through the right areas.  After dying to asteroid collisions time and time again you'll figure out the angles from which you need to jump to avoid them.  Navigating through space in this physics-based puzzle game will be frustrating to some and an enjoyable challenge for others.

Trying to land on moving planets and avoid deadly obstacles makes the game feel a bit like a platformer.  Those that enjoy simple platforming, endless jumpers, or physics puzzles may also like mobile game Space Journey.  It’s completely free from creator Imanol Perez so why not head over to the play store and give it a try?

This game was downloaded by the reviewer and reviewed on a Samsung Galaxy S4


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Space Journey is simple and fun yet the unintuitive nature of controls and movement can make it frustrating to play.

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