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Adventures of Pip

Surprisingly, the title of this Adventures of Pip review is actually reasonably appropriate for the game, so I pass the lack of clickbait test. The Adventures of Pip is a pixel platformer for Steam that allows you to switch between different iterations of video game history per say, aka from a single pixel to a lot more detailed 16 bit like sprite. The shifting between those forms is the main mechanic of the game, which focuses on "puzzle" platforming, but it's not the strict definition of puzzles that you'd expect from a game of that genre. It's more about figuring out how to get through the level with the different forms that are available, scanning the environment to understand why enemies are placed the way they are, and how the evolution/devolution of your forms will get you through the latest series of hazards. But enough talk: the video review!

There's definitely some great level design at the core of the Adventures of Pip, and the gameplay overall is responsive and controls as well as you could hope for a game like this. There are some downsides:; with being able to complete in 4 hours—which I want to say about 30 minutes of could have been cut in terms of me pausing/recording/etc—the game may have a length issue and combine that with the hidden collectibles, it could have used more content. There's not TOO much different here at the pixel platformer level, but what is here is done competently that's for sure, and the music and aesthetic are pretty well-done throughout. It had its rough patches during the game too—I swear, I still can see the impression of my controller of that one boss fight as I gripped it a little bit too tightly.

In the end, it's worth a playthrough for those who want a charming platformer that has a nice message to it—despite it's inconsistencies—and was enjoyable throughout.

This game was obtained from the developer and reviewed on the PC.

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It's another pixel platformer that's solid in nature and has something to offer, but does misstep along the way.

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