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Septemper 19, 2019 is shaping up to be an lively day for myself and other Sega fans, as the brand new (you know what I mean) Sega Genesis Mini enters the homes of consumers.  While many of my peers grew up on NES or SNES, I was the outlier child who owned the Sega Genesis.  In hindsight, I have nothing but fond memories of this system and the collection of games that helped to define it.  Earthworm Jim, Sonic and Knuckles, and The Great Circus Mystery: Starring Mickey and Minnie are just a few of the fun titles that defined my preteen era.

If only they revamped this game for the modern console ... am I right?

While at E3 I was fortunate enough to get some hands on time with the Sega Genesis Mini and the experience was very impressive. Sega had even gone as far as to set up a beautiful booth exclusively for the console.  The wall(s) were mimicking old wood paneling from the 90s, along with a cut-out for the monitor emulating a tube television.  Most unique was the mini table they had the Genesis resting on. Just below on the shelving sat VHS tapes, miniature army men, as well as many other toys from the glorious decade that provided the catalyst, allowing memories to bubble to the surface of the best times of my life.

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Less than three months away, baby!

Sega is not messing around when it comes to the Mini.  The interface is easy to navigate, the controllers feel great, and the graphics look very clean.  I did not want to leave once I had my hands on it.  The collection of games was very diverse and a bit overwhelming, if I am being honest.  Some of the titles in this library I have never even heard of, but I would argue that is a good thing.   The only downfall to the list of games is that it does not have every single game that I grew up playing, but luckily for me my original Genesis still works.

games list
Which game are you most excited for? Any titles you wish made the list that didn't?

Obviously, I am rather excited about this release and have been for some time.  Once my experience with the Mini ended, I have not been able to stop thinking about it; and E3 has been over going on a week now!  Fall cannot come soon enough...

What do you think about this classic consoles resurfacing?  Do not forget to check back come September to see a full video discussing the strengths and pitfalls of new and improved Sega Genesis Mini.

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