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Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is a game that came out of absolutely nowhere. Best described as a Lego-skinned 3D Little Big PlanetLego Worlds is certainly some of the most fun I've had exploring in a game, ever. It's one of those games that just plops you in a world and lets you have fun, with none of the survival elements found in games like Minecraft or The Long Dark. Instead, Lego Worlds encourages players to explore a world made completely out of Lego bricks and do whatever they wish, whether it be collecting studs to buy new characters or building extravagant houses.

The game starts with players skydiving into a world of their choosing — one that's randomly generated of course. From there, the first thing you'll notice is that unlike other Lego games, everything in the world is actually made up of Lego. While this may seem minor at first, it really builds a nice aesthetic.

Gameplay is nearly identical to that of the previous Lego games. You run around, break objects, collect studs, and get into four-hit fights with enemies. The only difference is that you can now meld the world to your liking, much like the aforementioned Little Big Planet. You can also place down bricks by yourself, and any unlocked props.

Yes, you can be a zombie scientist with a blunderbuss standing on top of a wizard's tower.
Yes, you can be a zombie scientist with a blunderbuss standing on top of a wizard's tower.

See, this is where the exploration comes in. If you bump into an object in the world, it's more than likely that it'll be added to your menu. From there, you can purchase it with studs and place it in your world. Some of the other options for items you can purchase include animal mounts, vehicles, and full replicas of Lego sets! (Only one is currently available). However, my favorite thing you can purchase are the other characters.

Like every preceding Lego game starting with Lego Star Wars 2, there is a very robust character creation system. After defeating enemies or bumping into NPCs, you can purchase their minifigs in the game's menu. From there, you can either keep them whole, or use parts of them to customize your own character. Personally? I was all over making skeletons. And nothing but skeletons.


As for downsides? Well, the camera can be a bit of an issue at times. I remember at one point the camera glitched into the vehicle I was driving and made it so that I couldn't make heads or tails of my locations. On top of that, once you explore many of the biomes the game has to offer, it's extremely difficult to find new content and minifigures. However, if you do end up finding that rare new prop or extra enemy, it feels all the sweeter.

Overall, I'd call Lego Worlds an Early Access success story. While it's obviously lacking a lot of the promised content (The Lego game's iconic Red Brick features, underwater exploration, more biomes and minifigures), it's still full of interesting and engrossing exploration features and wonderful creation tools. With loads of more content on the horizon and even a multiplayer mode in the works, I can see Lego Worlds being a huge hit on release.

Lego Worlds was purchased by the author and previewed on the PC.

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