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Indie platformers are aplenty these days and it seems to be hard to come up with one that has a unique ability to stand out in the crowd. Four Sided Fantasy manages to create something fun and unique.

At EGX 2015 I got a chance to play Four Sided Fantasy. It is a puzzle platformer that offers up some unique ways of using the screens boundaries to make your way through the level and solve puzzles.  

The game lets you lock the screen allowing you to walk or jump out of one side and come out on the other side. They refer to this ability as "screen warp". As you can guess this opens up the opportunity for some very unique challenging puzzles. It takes you a little bit to get used to the mechanic and you have to change the way you think about the edge of the screen. The game is fast and responsive which leads to experimentation with the game's mechanics.

Four Sided Fantasy's soothing art style made for a world that I was interested in exploring and learning more about, it had a calming mystery about it. Its minimalist approach but bright colours made for a some very pleasing visuals. This was also added to by the soundtrack which was weaved with misty electro.

Ludo Land is the developer behind Four Sided Fantasy. It was founded in 2013 by Logan Fieth, who had worked for another small indie studio before leaving to start up his own. Four Sided Fantasy had a successful kickstarter back in 2014 where it raised $37,913.

In the demo that I got to play I used the games mechanic of screen wrap to solve some puzzles. I get the sense that there will be a lot more to the game when it is released.

Four Sided Fantasy is set to come out sometime in early 2016. It will be coming to PC, Playstaion 4, Playstation 3, PS Vita, Wii U and the Xbox One.

Here is the announcement trailer for the game. It shows off the screen wrap ability and how it will be used in the game. As well as giving a sense of the games tone which in the trailer goes from calming and relaxing to glitchy and unsettling in a matter of moments.

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