Should There Be Limitations In Internet Cafes?

Published: February 4, 2015 9:00 AM /


Video Game Addiction

Video GameVideo Game addiction seems like a funny title to call something; most gamers scoff at the idea that video games can cause an actual addiction. And to be honest, there is little evidence as of yet to prove that such a thing exists, although it is possible that it might. If it does, that will explain a lot of the information that I am going to talk about.

A few days ago, a 32 year old man died of a heart attack after a 3 day marathon of video game playing at his local Internet Cafe. This isn't even the first one this year, as on New years, a 38 year old man was also found dead after a 5 day gaming binge. Not too long ago we also have a mother who was convicted in 2009 of starving her daughter because she was busy playing World of Warcraft, parents who were sent to jail in 2010 because they were raising a virtual child online and forgot about their real child who later died of malnutrition, and a man who died of cardiac arrest after 10 consecutive hours of video games at an internet cafe.

This is becoming more and more common to find gamers who die of cardiac arrest or have a child die of starvation because they for some reason cannot get off the computer. So it makes me wonder if Internet Cafes should limit the use of their computers for the fear of public safety?

This is, however, not limited to Internet Cafes. One pro-gamer by the name of Terrance Moore died after a livestream. Another gamer by the name of Chris Staniforth died of a blood clot after playing videogames for up to 12 hours a day. This is not a new phenomena, and it is important to note that inactivity of any form for a long period of time can cause pulmonary embolisms and cardiac arrest, so this is not limited to gamers, but the death of gamers due to excessive gaming has been getting the limelight for awhile now and only seems to be getting more and more press.

I believe that Internet Cafes and gaming should be self monitored or monitored by Internet Cafes. But you can't exactly blame Internet Cafes anymore than you can blame game creators for making addicting games. I think the main thing should be self-limitations, but I also think that although it is not the fault of the Internet Cafe, they should probably not allow people to stay at an Internet Cafe for 23-72+ hours straight.

What do you think, should there be self-imposed regulations on Internet Cafes? Or should we allow people to stay days on end at an Internet Cafe if they desire?

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