Predicting E3 2015 – Bethesda

Predicting E3 2015 – Bethesda

Published: June 12, 2015 2:30 PM /



E3. E3 Never Changes.

Or at least that’s how it used to be. For years now, E3’s press conferences have had a pretty reliable schedule. The only recent change has been Konami going from bizarre stage shows to bizarre videos to promo trailers for slot machines that aren’t actually produced for E3. But in 2015 we have a PC focused showing, we have Square Enix, and we have my current focus, Bethesda. In a time when AAA has struggled, Bethesda has prospered with its core Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, as well as branching out with games like Dishonored, Wolfenstein, and Rogue Warrior. We can pretty much expect most or all of these to come up during their showing, but here’s a general idea of what to expect.


Known Quantities

Fallout 4

Bethesda 5


Alex SM: As previously covered, Fallout 4 looks to be one of the centerpieces of the show. Many thought that the game’s existence would be kept under wraps until the show, but instead we got a rather lengthy sneak peek at the game more than a week beforehand. This seems to indicate that they’ll have more to show at the event itself, hopefully including a lengthy gameplay trailer and/or a release date. This trip to an apocalyptic Boston has been in development for years now, so it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise for the game to be released this holiday.


Bethesda E3 6


Perry R: What I’m looking forward to the most is the new Doom game. After the success of Wolfenstein: The New Order, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Doom, and what I’ve read of it from last year’s QuakeCon gameplay reveal has me very excited. While it wasn’t live streamed, plenty of fans and journalists on site in Texas were able to see gameplay (I’m not jealous, honest), and the gameplay seems bombastic and fast-paced.

So what do I expect to see? Well, for one, the closed-doors gameplay demo of course! As long as everyone in that theater in QuakeCon wasn’t lying about every detail, and it ends up looking more like the failed Doom reboot, I can see this easily being my game of the show. C’mon guys, it has Revenants with jetpacks! Revenants with Jetpacks!


Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda E3 7

Alex SM: ESO is humming along silently like most MMOs not named World of Warcraft. With the recent release of Tamriel Unlimited on consoles, you can expect a bit of time devoted to the game, including a few stats about the active player base and perhaps a few new details about the switch from a mandatory to an optional subscription.


Bethesda E3 8


Alex SM: Out of all the incoming hero focused shooters, Battlecry has seemingly gone the most under the radar. For those unaware, Battlecry is a free to play arena game with a vibe similar to The Order: 1886. You pick a class from one of two warring factions in a technologically advanced medical setting. Swords, steampunk gauntlets, bows and arrow – all are viable on this battlefield. We haven’t seen much of this game aside from the announcement trailer, so expect some gameplay and an idea of when the game will be moving into open beta.


Bethesda E3 9

Alex SM: Some lip service will most likely be given to MachineGames and the roaring success of The New Order and The Old Blood. I expect that a sequel isn’t out of the question, but I’d like to see something else out of this team personally. In any case, expect an advertisement for The Old Blood’s retail release and a general reminder that Wolfenstein is back in a big way.

Known Unknowns


Bethesda E3

Perry R: Despite rumors that Dishonored 2 won’t make it to E3, I like to believe that we’ll be seeing some appearance or mention of everyone’s favorite teleport-spam simulator this year. Be it a simple teaser image, a trailer, or best of all, a full gameplay reveal, as long as Corvo’s second outing is shown, I’ll be a happy camper.

The Evil Within

Bethesda E3 10

Alex SM: The final DLC for The Evil Within did just come out recently, which might warrant a mention at the conference. However, the game came out last year and may be considered old news at this point. It might be mentioned just to bring up sales figures, but a sequel to this one seems unlikely to be announced.


Bethesda E3 1`

Alex SM: We can safely say that Prey 2 is six feet under, despite the wishes of the lucky few who got to see its trailer years ago at E3. That being said, Bethesda still owns the Prey IP, and it wouldn’t be shocking for a new attempt at Prey 2 to be teased as a surprise. Not a guaranteed thing, but definitely a possibility. Zenimax is not a company that rests on its laurels when it comes to its acquired goods after all.

Perry R: Rest in Piece Prey franchise. I hardly knew ye.

Wishful Thinking

Rogue Warrior

Bethesda E3 2

Alex SM: Rogue Warrior will most likely not be brought up this year or any year at E3. It wasn’t a very good game and no one really remembers it. But I remember it. It had ridiculous amounts of nonsensical cursing provided by a protagonist voiced by Mickey Rourke. It only lasts about four hours too, making it the perfect game for a lazy Sunday, provided you want to play a bad video game. It is truly one of those games that is funny to mock as you play, and they should really rope Rebellion into making a bad sequel to it one of these days. This year though? I’ll let Perry handle the chances of that happening.


Another Terminator FPS

Bethesda E3 3

Perry R: I know the old Terminator FPS games weren’t great but … C’mon! They’re based off one of the best Sci-Fi movie franchises of all time! And it’s my favorite genre! Mash these two together, and you’re guaranteed to at least get a guilty pleasure out of it! And hey, if they somehow got MachineGames at the helm, it could be one of my most anticipated games of the next couple years.

Alex SM: I would completely be down for that. It would certainly be better than the Terminator Salvation game. Are you ready for E3 to begin Sunday night? What old or new Bethesda franchises are you looking forward to seeing? Have we grossly misjudged the likelihood of a Wet 2? Let us know in the comments below!

(Edit: Fixed claim that ESO was free to play)

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